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Rose Tea Blends


Roses are beautiful flowers commonly used for decorative purposes or to profess love. When dried and steeped in boiling water, they can make an aromatic cup of tea that offers a variety of health benefits.


Rose petals have been used for centuries as an Ayurvedic medicine. Now, along with being used in a lot of dishes to add flavour and fragrance, rose flower petals have found its way into tea as well.



What is Rose Tea?


Also known as rosebud tea or rose petal tea, rose tea is a healthy and delicious beverage made from either dehydrated or fresh rose petals. Rose tea is a rich source of Vitamin C, malic acid, pectin, and citric acid, and can be a wonderful addition to your weight loss diet.



Rose Tea blends


When it comes to Rose tea, there are 2 most common variants of the tea, both equally good and equally healthy. The red rose tea blend is a carefully crafted, balanced, and great-tasting tea. The white rose tea is made by blending the smoothness of organic white tea with whole organic rose buds to form a sweet and fragrant liaison that is as provocative as it is healthy.



Rose Tea Benefits


Everyone wants beautiful, flawless skin. But did you know that a cup of rose tea made from dried or fresh rose petals can do that for you? It's true, apart from the many benefits rose tea has to offer, it’s most attractive benefit is how it works best for our skin and hair. In addition to this, rose tea presents a list of other health benefits our bodies will love.


A few rose tea benefits would include:

1. Boosting the immune system
2. Treating a sore throat
3. Improving your digestive health
4. Treating menstrual cramps
5. Treating urinary tract infections


    Organic rose tea can be your favourite go-to alternative to coffee too. If you were looking for a reason to include rose tea into your daily diet, these benefits will help you make that decision with ease.