Doomni Tea Estate

Doomni Tea Estate



  • Assam Doomni Gold Summer Black

    Notes of malts & yellow raisins bloom in this Assam cup.

    3.5o | 100g | 40cups
    $ 14.99

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    • 3.5o | 100g | 40cups
    • 0.35o | 10g | 4cups
    • 10.5o | 300g | 120cup
    • 17.6o | 500g | 200cup
    $ 14.99

The Doomni tea estate is located in the Baksa district of Assam. Situated at zero elevation, the famous Manas national park with it's exotic Golden Langurs monkeys and Wild Water Buffaloes, is close to the tea garden. Spanning over 1070 hectares, Doomni estate was previously owned by Brooke Bond. It was acquired by Sublime Agro Limited. Doomni is known for it's beautiful Silver Needle white tea and strong, malty black teas.