Lopchu Flowery Orange Pekoe Black Tea

$ 9.99
3.5 oz /100 gm | 40 cups

Lopchu Golden Orange Pekoe Black Tea

$ 11.99
3.5 oz /100 gm | 40 cups

Situated between Darjeeling and Teesta, Lopchu estate's teas have been a hit with connoisseurs the world over due its fragrant leaf and excellent quality. Lopchu garden has about 226 acres under tea production and much of the tea gets exported to Germany and other European countries. Most of the tea trees were originally transplanted from Yunnan Province in China. Chinese bushes together with the unique climate in Darjeeling has given Lopchu a delicate muscatel flavour, a fine aroma that is known for soothing experience. Lopchu teas can be enjoyed not just when its hot but also cold as iced teas.

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