• Seeyok Moonbeam Summer Muscatel Black (Limited Edition)

  • A limited-edition Darjeeling cup with notes of Muscat grapes.


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      Picked & Processed

      24th June - 25th June

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      Arrived at Teabox
      Within 24 hours of manufacture at the estate we receive our teas.

      2nd July

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      We sort the tea according to its grade, to ensure only whole leaves are sent to you, not the fannings and dust.

      2nd July

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      2nd July

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      Stored @ -5°c
      Teabox is the only brand to have a cold chain processing facility in Darjeeling, that allows teas to be stored at -5°C (at 3-4% moisture levels) to preserve and enhance the shelf life.

      2nd July

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      Ready to Ship

      3rd July


    Established in 1869, the Seeyok Tea Estate in Darjeeling is one of the most reputed tea gardens in the world. Apart from being organic, Seeyok is one of the few estates that exercises bio-dynamic practices and plans the harvest according to the lunar calendar. This tea plucked on auspicious strawberry moon night, an event that comes once a year, makes the tea leaf even more succulent. Picked by expert pluckers from a designated section of the garden situated at 5500 feet, this tea is made exclusively for Teabox. We have procured this limited edition tea fresh from Seeyok. As you begin sipping, notes of Muscat grapes and Mirabelle plums arrive on the palate and stay for the entire duration. Notes of cedar and chestnuts ebb towards the middle with delicious accents of black currants in the aftertaste. The second steep emanates the vibrant texture of sweet grapes. An unforgettable cup of second flush 2021, a true connoisseurs' experience!


    Season The season of teas picked between the four flushes(harvests) of the year Second Flush


    Specialty Represents the cultivar of the tea plant Muscatel


    Caffeine The amount of caffeine this tea contains Medium


    Time Of Day Recommended time to savor for the best tea experience Anytime


    Picking date 24-Jun-2021


    Best consumed Hot

    the experience



    Pronounced notes of Muscat grapes, Mirabelle plum, hint of berries and muted floral accents


    Bright Amber


    A medium-bodied, lively cup which beams with luscious fruity attributes. It starts out with a pronounced note of Muscat grapes interlaced with exquisite flavors of Mirabelle plum which envelop the palate and gradually grow big towards the middle. These flavors hum along throughout the length of the cup; complemented by delicate notes of cedar and chestnuts; adding more variety to a superlative Muscatel experience. Delectable tones of black currants can be picked up in the aftertaste. The second steep at 4 mins brings forth invigorating accents of clementine zest joined with sweet-grapey textures.


    Semi-hard cheeses, pasta, Greek salad, pancakes, croissant, waffles and savory pies


    dry leaf


    Toasted nuts, cashew, carob, hint of stone-fruits with a gourmet score of marzipan


    Medium-sized, tightly rolled, blackish-brown leaves with ample golden buds and some open brown leaves



    Big notes of vine peach, grapes , red berries along with muted tones of orange blossom


    Short, mix of bright coppery and light brown leaves; some with young buds

    steeping notes


    6 fl oz / 180 ml

    Use O2 rich water, running stream or RO filtered


    185oF -194oF / 85oC -90oC

    Get the water temperature right to the recommended temperature


    2 tsp / 0.09 oz / 2.5 g

    Use the suggested quantity above with the approximate water


    5 mins

    Infuse the leaves for a recommended time



    Drink Plain

    Best consumed

    To enhance your tea-drinking experience


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