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Bombay Cutting Masala Chai

For a soul-warming, wholesome sip on balmy day.

10.6 oz /300 gm | 120 cups

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  • 10.58oz
  • 0.35oz
120 cups

Assam Masala Chai

A spicy sweetness that harks back to an Indian spice bazaar.

10.6 oz /300 gm | 120 cups

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  • 10.58oz
  • 0.35oz
  • 3.5oz
120 cups

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Ginger Tea Blends


Tea lovers around the world have acquired a certain fondness for ginger; its spicy taste and soothing properties when blended with herbal tea can make a great cup of tea.


What is Ginger Tea?


When fresh ginger is steeped in boiling water along with your favorite herbal tea leaves, it blends to form a spicy, invigorating yet caffeine-free beverage with a whole lot of health benefits.


Although ginger tea is an Asian herbal beverage made from ginger root, it has a long history of being a herbal medicine in East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Today tea lovers around the globe drink ginger tea because of its big, multifaceted flavor.


Ginger tea is known by different names around the globe and can be mixed with milk, orange slices, or lemon to give it a little extra flavor.



Health Benefits of Ginger Tea


Ginger is considered a universal medicine because of the various benefits it has to offer. Similarly, ginger tea brings its consumers a variety of health benefits.


Ginger tea benefits would include:

1. Helping the body absorb nutrients
2. Alleviating stomach pain
3. Aiding weight loss
4. Preventing cancer
5. Relieves stress
6. Helps with digestion and more


    Ginger and Other Flavors:


    The great thing about ginger is that it plays well with other herbs and flavors. For instance, ginger along with lemon or honey, when added to tea can make a soothing cup of flavorful tea you would enjoy on a cold winter evening. Let's explore the best combinations of ginger tea with other flavors


    Lemon Ginger Tea:Ginger tea with lemon has fans all over the globe, the citrus taste of the lemon when added to ginger tea provides a very delightful tangy taste assured to wake up and delight your taste buds.


    Ginger Turmeric Tea: Ginger and turmeric, two ingredients that are widely used for their individual nutritional and medicinal benefits, when blended together into a cup of tea can make a perfectly healthy, low-calorie beverage. Made by steeping ginger root and turmeric powder, this tea can help eliminate inflammation, increase cognition, prevent cancer, strengthen the immune system, and ease gastrointestinal distress.


    Ginger Green Tea: Green tea, a time-honored healthy beverage, when mixed with the extra wellness of the spicy ginger root can offer health benefits unlike any other. You can say goodbye to your digestive issues with this warming cup of goodness.


    The best ginger tea is made when freshly pressed ginger is added to boiling water, however, if you just don't have the time to brew your own ginger tea, you can also choose to purchase ginger tea bags. Whether you prefer brewing your own ginger tea with fresh ginger or buying ginger tea bags, either way, you'll get all the benefits the spicy ginger root has to offer.