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Nilgiri Jasmine Green Tea

For fans of floral teas, we bring an intoxicating blend o...

3.5 oz /100 gm | 40 cups

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  • 3.5oz
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40 cups


Jasmine Tea Blends


A tea perfumed with dry jasmine with green tea as a base, jasmine tea is a calming aromatic originating in China as a welcoming tea that is usually offered to guests.


What is Jasmine tea?


Jasmine is a tea that is flavored with jasmine leaves for its aroma and taste. Usually blended with a green tea base, jasmine tea gives a velvety feel when consumed. Jasmine tea was the  first tea that was exported out of China, its exotic aroma made it a popular beverage all over the world. Today jasmine tea is blended with a lot of other lovable flavors like lychee and orange and to give it an extra edge. The best jasmine tea is made by brewing the tea at around 160 to 180 degrees.



What is Jasmine Tea Good For?


The benefits of drinking jasmine tea would include

1. Reducing the risk of heart attack
2. Stronger immune system
3. Aiding in the prevention of diabetes
4. Lowering cholesterol
5. Preventing cancer

    Organic jasmine green tea, offers a lot of health benefits too, however, as it has green tea as its base, it will also include caffeine. So if you are looking to avoid your caffeine intake, you can use white tea as a base and still enjoy the calming and mood altering benefits a fresh cup of jasmine tea can offer.


    As jasmine tea is more aromatic, it's mostly blended with other herbal or organic teas. This is why you'll find jasmine black tea or jasmine green tea in the market a lot. Jasmine tea is a preferred breakfast beverage for those who find coffee harsh on the stomach. Now, as it is impossible to overstate the benefits of green and black tea, however, when mixed with jasmine tea leaves, it makes a great antimicrobial and bacteria fighter.


    A cup of this calming jasmine tea in the morning can help you start your day on the right foot. Its fragrance and health benefits make it a beverage you should definitely add to your diet.