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Classic Tea Maker Classic Tea Maker

Classic Tea Maker

A modern and efficient way to make loose-leaf teas, anytime.

$ 26.99

Neo Teapot

Make your teatime an elegant affair with this glass teapo...

$ 23.99

Oriental Tea Maker

A delightful tea maker that lets you steep and serve your...

$ 29.99
Urban Teapot Urban Teapot

Urban Teapot

Chic up your tea time with this glass teapot. Infuser inc...

$ 22.99

Harmony Kettle

Entertain your guests over tea with this suave glass kettle.

$ 41.49

Heritage Set

A sleek, handcrafted 5-piece porcelain and copper tea set...

$ 99.00

Uno Teapot

An all-in-one design to serve yourself the perfect cup of...

$ 30.99

Meraki Teapot

Invoke the muses with a steep of your favorite tea in thi...

$ 29.99

Celeste Teapot

A grand teamaker elegantly styled to brew and serve your ...

$ 49.99

Heritage Teapot

Adorn your tea table with this elegantly styled porcelain...

$ 49.99
Compact Tea Maker Compact Tea Maker

Compact Tea Maker

Spin some charm with this convenient, heat-resistant tabl...

$ 32.99