Makaibari Tea Estates

Makaibari Tea Estates



  • Darjeeling Makaibari Summer Clonal Black

    A Darjeeling cup with notes of muskmelon & honeysuckle.

    3.5o | 100g | 40cups
    € 35,50
The year was 1852. Girish Chandra Banerjee landed upon a piece of land where the locals used to grow maize (Makai) on the field. That's how Makaibari came into existence. The year 1859 saw the genesis of the Makaibari Tea Estate. The world's first tea factory, Makaibari, is one of the oldest tea gardens in India. Located at 4500 feet in Kurseong, it is the only tea garden in Darjeeling owned by an Indian family throughout from its inception with no British connections. Just 39.5 kms or 1 hr 20 minutes away from our facility in Siliguri, we regularly travel to this estate and sample their exquisite clonal and chinary cups.