Lakyrsiew Tea Estate

Lakyrsiew Tea Estate



  • Meghalaya Lakyrsiew Summer Clonal Black

    A mellow fruity-floral cup with notes of honeysuckle & peach

    1.8o | 50g | 20cups
    € 21,50

Meghalaya, meaning "adobe of clouds" is a state in North East India. Lakyrsiew estate is located in this breathtakingly beautiful state, known for its heavy rains, forest-clad hills and mist that covers the area like a quilt. The word Lakyrsiew means "Awakening" in Khasi Language and this estate was revived as early as 2002, after its initial discovery in the 1800's by the British East India Company. Since then, it has been a source of excellent tea leaves, well-loved for their mellowness.