First/Spring Flush Tea Harvest - Time to Sip The Freshest Cup of Tea

Goomtee Tea Estate

The classic Goomtee—the brightness of the first cup of spring black with its complex flavor profile. Floral and vegetal characters with hints of fresh forest floor. Goomtee also makes Oolongs in autumn and chinary blacks in summer.

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Jungpana Tea Estate

One of the most sought out teas of spring with its unique flavor profile of a fruity, floral, and crisp cup. Jungpana is also known for both clonal cnd chinary varieties. It makes black and oolong teas.

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Samabeong Tea Estate

It is well-known for producing high flavor, light-colored premium liquor Darjeeling Teas. Samabeong teas have characteristic Umami taste with floral and vegetal notes. It produces the best clonal black teas.

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Margaret’s Hope Tea Estate

Clonal teas from this estate are very floral and aromatic marked by the taste of ripe mango. The chinary teas are vegetal and have spicy character. Margaret’s Hope’s Moonlight teas are some of the most exotic teas of Darjeeling.

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Castleton Tea Estate

Castleton is famous worldwide for its exclusive Moonlight spring white teas. Its delicate flavor profile and high aromatic taste are characteristic of this estate’s best.

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Best From First Flush


Mim Tea Estate

In spring the teas have mixed flavors of lime, vegetables with hints of floral aromas. This tea estate is known for its Oolong, this year they will be making white dews too.

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Glenburn Tea Estate

The teas have a mix of Floral and Umami taste. Moonshine Oolong from this estate is the best known throughout the world.

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Badamtam Tea Estate

Badamtam’s exotic spring white tea is one of the most coveted and demands a high price tag with its exquisite delicate floral and smooth profile. It also produces exceptional clonal flowery moonlights.

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