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Samabeong Special Spring Black Tea

Samabeong Special Spring Black Tea

3.5 oz 40 cups
Samabeong Special Autumn Black

Samabeong Special Autumn Black

$14.99 $10.49 30% off
3.5 oz 40 cups

Located in the Kalimpong district of Darjeeling, Samabeong Tea Garden is well known for producing high flavor, light liquor premium Darjeeling teas. In local Lepcha dialect, ‘Sama’ means ‘black bear’ and ‘being’ means ‘cave’, thereby connoting that the place is in fact ‘the abode of the black bear’. Ample rainfall, loamy soil condition and rich biodiversity earmark this region. The garden produces about 50,000 kgs of tea annually across 485.82 ha of land, 132.45 ha of which is used for organic farming.

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