Exposing the Chai Adulteration Scam: How Big Tea Companies Are Fooling You with Adulterated Chais

Find out how this Indian tea brand is rescuing millions in the country and fighting the big tea giants by providing Indian Chai Lovers 100% Made in India Chais.

By - Dipanjan Sen 17th May 2024

A collage of newspaper headlines reporting on adulterated tea incidents.

Recent reports (images shared above) have uncovered a shocking truth: many big tea companies are blending their chais with low-quality chais from Nepal, deceiving consumers into thinking they’re enjoying 100% Indian Chais. But the truth is far from it.

Graphic stating '20 Million KGs Low Quality Nepal Chais Sold Yearly'.

The Scandal Uncovered

Nepal chai, often cheaper and of dubious quality, is making its way into India without proper safety checks. In April 2024, 28 trucks carrying Nepal chai entered India. These low-quality teas are blended and sold to Indian consumers in shiny packages, all in the name of profits.

The Health Risks:

Low-quality chais from Nepal, which bypass stringent safety protocols, pose significant health risks. Contaminants and inferior processing methods can lead to a host of health issues, including gastrointestinal problems.

There is a Solution

One Indian new-age tea brand named Teabox is taking a bold stand. Teabox is committed to ensuring that every cup of chai consumed in the country is 100% Indian and made with real, whole spices, without any artificial flavors.

Teabox eliminates the middlemen, ensuring that the chai from the Indian tea gardens reaches the consumer within 3-5 days. This direct approach guarantees freshness and authenticity, offering a chai experience that is true to its Indian roots.

This stand against big tea giants is not just a business strategy but a mission to preserve the heritage and quality of India's beloved beverage.

Important Update: Here's where to get Teabox.

A lot of you have asked where to get these chais from. Naturally, I would recommend their official website — and I suggest you act quickly too.

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