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Cut out the Middleman:

Why buying Indian Teas Directly from Source Empowers Farmers & Consumers

Here are 5 ways, how Teabox is creating Impact at Source:


We source directly from the gardens

Teabox's direct sourcing model ensures that we offer fresh and authentic teas from different parts of India while providing fair prices and a stable market for the producers. Our transparent supply chain lets customers know precisely where their teas come from and how they're produced. By cutting out the middlemen, Teabox is creating a more efficient and transparent system that benefits both estates and customers.


We Celebrate the garden’s Heritage

Most of the Indian tea gardens are mostly 100+ years old. At Teabox, we take pride in our ability to celebrate the unique heritage of these gardens by highlighting our tea names by the estate names, and celebrate their story through our various social media channels, blogs and newsletters. We also procure special edition teas which celebrate the estates key milestones. By doing so, we help to preserve the legacy of the tea industry while offering customers an unforgettable tea experience.


Honoring 3.2M Indian Tea pluckers

We paid homage to the 3.2 million tea pluckers working across 1686 estates in India, who are often overshadowed by the complexities of the tea industry, regional politics, and a lack of voice. We created KALPANA, a special handmade doll - embodying the tireless women picking teas under the sun and rain. Kalpana, Sanskrit for 'imagination,' lets tea lovers imagine their stories across the misty mountains and valleys.


Building a Sense of Community

We work closely with local communities to connect with the tea plantation workers and celebrate their contributions by various initiatives such as - partnering with NGOs such as Reyso and Hayden Hall to create handmade mug and teapot cozies and small Kalpana dolls to celebrate the 3.2M Indian tea pluckers. The US-based NGO Broadleaf India to promote well-being and hygiene in rural communities.


We Support Ethical Working Conditions

Teabox prioritizes sustainable sourcing and ethical working conditions by building direct relationships with tea estates. This includes sourcing exclusively from tea estates who promote environment-friendly practices. Teabox is committed to building a transparent and responsible tea industry for all stakeholders.


Hear from Fellow Teabox Steepers

Teabox Seeks to Bring Indian Teas into the Modern Era.

“Teabox is using modern technology to reinvent the centuries-old tea. ”  

“How teabox is Bringing Silicon Valley to The Darjeeling Tea Trade.”  



Try before you Buy ! Our Tea Sampler Sets are at 50% Off.