Taste 10 Authentic Chai Flavours from India

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Authentic Indian Chai Sampler

Indulge in the flavors of India's rich culture through the experience of hand-blended, fresh chai with a variety of aromatic flavors.

10 Different Authentic Indian Chai samples

100% real ingredients, No added flavors

Sourced Fresh from Assam

Handcrafted by Master Blenders

Delivered Fresh from the foothills of the Himalayas


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“By directly sourcing teas from premium Indian gardens and ensuring a seamless ordering process, TeaBox stands as a frontrunner in revolutionizing the way tea enthusiasts enjoy their favorite beverage.”

“By embracing modern tech advancements, Teabox revolutionizes every step of the process, delivering a fresh and unparalleled tea experience to enthusiasts worldwide.”

“Teabox's tech-driven approach and direct sourcing empower tea enthusiasts to explore a world of exceptional flavors and connect with the rich heritage of tea-growing regions.”

Why Teabox?

Delivered directly from the

Himalayan Foothills in 7-8 Days

Chai Reinvented: Quality First

Teabox revolutionizes the chai market by focusing on high-quality blends that transcend the disappointing norm. Rather than settling for inferior ingredients, Teabox carefully selects premium teas and aromatic spices to create an authentic and indulgent chai experience. Their rigorous quality control process guarantees freshness and flavor, ensuring each cup is a delight. Teabox also provides brewing instructions, empowering chai enthusiasts to extract the full potential of their blends. With their unwavering commitment to excellence and flavor, Teabox redefines the standard for chai, offering a diverse selection for chai lovers.

Curtailed the convoluted Supply Chain

Teabox shortens the traditional, long tea supply chain through direct sourcing and quick processing. Our unique procurement process ensures the teas reach our facility within 24 hours hours after being manufactured and are vacuum-packed within 3 hours of arrival at our facility, ensuring freshness for consumers. Experience the true essence of fresh tea with Teabox.

100% Transparent Procurement Process

At Teabox, buying directly gives you complete traceability and a fresher, more flavorful tea experience. We provide details like grade, picking date, cultivar, unique batch invoice number, season, and caffeine levels for complete transparency and elimination of intermediaries. Enjoy the true essence of tea with Teabox.

Returning Value Back to the Roots

At Teabox, we work directly with tea estates and their community of 3.5 million pluckers to build a sustainable, equitable supply chain. Every order supports the people who grow, pluck, and process your tea, creating a better future for all involved in the industry. Buy directly from the source and make a positive impact.

Authentic Certified Indian Teas

Buying tea directly from source is a key factor in guaranteeing the genuineness and standard of Specialty teas. All the teas we offer at Teabox undergo rigorous quality checks and the estates we source from adhere to strict quality certifications such as Rainforest Alliance, US FDA, JAS or Fair Trade; ensuring ethical and sustainable sourcing. Helping you enjoy a high-quality cup of tea!

Skeptics Turned Into Customers

"Wow! Just one packet in and so far this chai is SO DELICIOUS! I hardly ever write reviews, but I have to give props to this company and its product. The presentation is impressive when you first open the box. I was stunned to see just how many packets and varieties of chai came in the sampler. I had to look up the process on the website to make sure I made it correctly, and the first sip was divine. This is it! Can’t wait to try the other packets! and indulge in different chai blends."

Phyllis B

Florida, USA

Verified Buyer

"There were more packets than I had anticipated, and the company helpfully puts the brewing instructions, list of ingredients on each, so I can very well remember which variety has pepper or fennel or ginger, etc, creating an excitement even before i made the chai. Enjoyed the fresh and overall high quality tea. Would definitely recommend to my friends and family and be back for many more repeat purchases for my personal favorites."


Melbourne, AUS

Verified Buyer

"Super happy! to get the teas delivered within 7 days as promised and what a lovely combination of different Chai variations. I've never tried Chai tea before and wanted to give it a go, it's been an interesting experience trying all the different samples to determine my favourites so the next time I order, I'll know exactly what to pick. Very impressive taste and quality. What also makes the difference is their amazing customer service."


Liverpool, UK

Verified Buyer

The Teabox Difference


Not to distributors. Not to resellers. But to tea drinkers.



Freshness Guarantee

Do your teas remain fresh for more than a year with the aroma, flavor and the strength of the teas remaining intact?

Authentic Indian Chai Collection

Do you have access to authentic chai's highlighting India's rich culture like Kolkata Street Chai, Wayanad Cardamom Chai, Assam Masala Chai.

Superior Quality

Do you get to taste the best of Indian Chai Blends?

Ethical Sourcing

Do you get to know intricate details about your teas such as harvest date, invoice number, grade nomenclature or sustainability practices at the estate?

FREE Valencia Glass Tea Cup and Ideal Teaspoon (Worth A$75.00)

Elevate your tea experience with the Valencia Tea Cup, a lightweight Borosilicate glass teacup, and complement it with the Innovative Ideal Teaspoon, a sleek steel scoop for precise tea measurements.

Teas in the Sampler

Detailed 10 tasting notes of each chai teas are presented below:

Perfect Indulgence for all Chai Lovers

10 Different Authentic Indian Chai samples

Free Valencia Glass Tea Cup and Ideal Teaspoon

100% Real Ingredients, No added flavors

Sourced Fresh from Assam

Handcrafted by Master Blenders

Delivered Fresh from the foothills of the Himalayas