Ash Gray Set

A better way to steep and sip your favorite tea.

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There is no wrong way to enjoy your favorite tea, but there is always a better way to do so. And this minimalist tea set just for that. Its elegant shape and clean lines are soothing to the eye, perfect for a relaxing tea time. Crafted by Taiwanese-designer Chun Tso Liu, the simplicity and organic feel of the design is both functional as well as ornamental, and lends itself to every space setting effortlessly.

About this product:

  • Includes 1 teapot and 2 serving cups.
  • Crafted by Taiwanese-designer Chun-Tso Liu.
  • Perfect for a contemporary space.
  • Temperature range: -5°C to 100°C

    • material Ceramic
    • volume 17 ml
    • height 3.1 cm
    • diameter 4.6 cm
    • Color Grey