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Classic Tea Maker

Classic Tea Maker


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This elegant tea maker lets you steep tea in the easiest way possible. Simply spoon your favorite tea into the tea maker and add recently boiled water to steep a cup to your liking. Once the tea is ready, just place the tea maker on top of a cup to pour out the infusion. The valve at the bottom of the tea maker automatically opens, allowing the tea to flow out through the fine-mesh filter. Modern, efficient and very easy to use, this is an uber-chic tea accessory of steeping loose-leaf tea.

Temperature Range: -20°C - 110°C (-4°F – 230°F)

shipping details


  • material BPA Free Plastic
  • breadth 345.2 in
  • height 17 in
  • volume 500 fl oz
  • diameter 9 in
  • sku IDITM1
  • Color Transparent
  • Spoon desired quantity of tea leaves into the tea maker.
  • Place unit on top of the coaster. Slowly add recently boiled water over the tea leaves. Avoid filling to the brim.
  • Close lid and let the leaves steep to your liking.
  • Once steeped, carefully place the tea maker on top of your tea cup/mug to pour out the infusion.
  • Lift the tea maker to stop infusion flow instantly.