Harmony Kettle



No home is complete without a kettle for your tea. And with an elegant one like this, you can be sure that your favorite tea finds a place worthy of it. It can hold plentiful tea for a large group and pours effortlessly into cups without leaving any drips. It stands gracefully on tabletops and comfortably blends in with a gathering. So for your next tea party, go on and serve the tipple style.


  • material Glass
  • volume 37 fl oz
  • height 4.3 in
  • diameter 6.3 in
  • sku GPTWK
  • Color Transparent

care instructions

  • Stove top friendly (On gas stove, electric stove or glass-ceramic stove; not induction cooktop).
  • microwave




    how to use

    • Ensure heat is applied evenly and never to an empty kettle.
    • Avoid sudden cooling.
    • Suited only for liquid content.