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2014 Jungpana Clonal Delight Organic (Summer) Darjeeling Black Tea


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One of our best and rare collection from Summer. This 2014 Second Flush Jungpana Clonal Delight is a luck-by-chance discovery as we traveled in search of some finest teas to the plantation. The delicate and stylish wiry leaves with beautiful silvery tips makes a royal first impression. The carefully-made leaves are an attractive dark brown with lovely silver tips. The scent is sharp and spicy. The infusion is brilliant, spicy and floral, with rich and intensity. The liquor is mild but intense with mellowness and desired sweetness. Firm and rich in flavour with prolonged delicate floral finish reminding one of a bouquet of vanilla flowers. A one-of-a-kind tea that should be tried for its most uncommon characteristics.