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An extraordinary gift of 8 of our finest blends, each unique to make your festivities more than special.


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Facial expressions form the core of Indian Classical dance and the emotions experienced by the audience through these expressions are called Rasa. Rasa sends out the most crucial parts of a characters communication and narrative. This extraordinary box includes 8 exclusive teas made to impress and add magic to celebrations. We have two greens and an oolong - Paan Rose Green, Kashmiri Kahwa Green, Kewra Delight Oolong - to keep you healthy through all your indulgences; two chais and a black - Kesar Rose Chai, Assam Masala Chai, Nilgiri Jasmine Black - to refresh you in all the busyness of the festivities; and two tisanes - Fruits & Nuts Tisane, Hibiscus Lemongrass - to add some novelty and excitement to your celebrations.


8.77 inch(L) x 8.66 inch(W) x 3.30 inch(H)

in the box