Spire Cup & Saucer

Drop A Hint $14.99


For a lover of tea, a teacup is one of his most prized possessions. The way it holds the hot brew, casing a whole world of flavors within its frame; even the way it grips the hand, light enough for a breezy lift to the lips - if you think about it, there is more to a tea cup than what meets the eye. And a teacup like this - with its fluid shape, shell porcelain make, and clean style – is guaranteed to up the ante of your daily tea time with its elegant charm.

About this product:

  • Innovative conic design.
  • Simple and clean form with a comfortable grip.
  • Perfect for a contemporary space.

    • material Porcelain
    • volume 9 fl oz
    • height 2.2 in
    • diameter 4.7 in
    • sku CUPSC2
    • Color White