Beginner’s Selections
Beginner’s Selections
Beginner’s Selections
Beginner’s Selections


Beginner’s Selections

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  • 8 handpicked tea samples
  • Immerse in India's vibrant culture
  • Ultimate delight for tea enthusiasts
  • Pure, Whole-leaf teas
  • Delivered fresh, direct from Source
  • Expert curation by Master Tasters
  • Selection from all tea types
  • Each sample contains 10 gm/0.35 oz

This set contains the below teas:

Freshness Journey

  • freshness-1
    Picked & Processed

    Fresh from the source

  • freshness-2
    Arrived at Teabox
    Within 24 hours of manufacture at the estate we receive our teas.

    within 48hrs

  • freshness-3
    Sorted & Cleaned
    We sort the tea according to its grade, to ensure only whole leaves are sent to you, not the fannings and dust.

    for impurities & dust

  • freshness-4
    Vacuum Packed & Stored
    We vacuum pack to preserve the freshness of your teas from its 4 enemies - Light, heat, moisture and oxygen.

    for freshness

  • freshness-5
    Sealed for Freshness
    Teabox is the only brand to have a cold chain processing facility in Darjeeling, that allows teas to be stored at -5°C (at 3-4% moisture levels) to preserve and enhance the shelf life.

    @ -5°c

  • freshness-6
    Shipped to

    125+ countries

Packed and Shipped from

The Foothills of The Himalayas


Located about 40 km from our facility

Point A - Darjeeling Region
Point B - Teabox




Brewing instructions for each tea included in the samplers are mentioned on the sticker. Typically, these teas are best brewed with freshly boiled water and steeped for a few minutes to experience the wonderful complexity and nuances they have to offer.

The shelf life of the teas in the sampler vary depending on the specific tea, but they can easily be savored till 24 months from manufacturing date, provided it's stored properly in an airtight container away from light, heat, moisture and oxygen.

No, we currently do not have that option. It's a complete pack of samples for you to discover a wide range of rare and artisanal teas.

Yes, our samplers are a  great gift for tea lovers who want to explore the flavors of Indian teas. It's also a thoughtful gift for friends and family members who enjoy trying new and unique teas.

We do not mention the certification on the individual sampler packs; however if you go the individual product pages - we have specified the certifications for each estate under a Certification header whereby you, as a customer have complete clarity as to whether the particular invoice ascribes to USDA Organic, JAS or Rainforest Alliance certifications or not.

If you discover a tea in the sampler which you love, you can typically purchase larger quantities of that tea directly from the individual product page of that specific tea from our website.

Each sample pack contains 10 grams (0.35 oz) of loose leaf teas; enough to make 3-4 cups.

While it is not necessary, you may add a teaspoon of sugar or a dollop of honey to the teas to suit your taste preferences. Milk is strictly not recommended with green teas as it will then spoil all the health benefits you can get out of your teas.


"Teabox Seeks to Bring Indian Teas into the Modern Era"