• Chawan - Wabi Ceramic Matcha Bowl (Handmade)
  • Chawan - Wabi Ceramic Matcha Bowl (Handmade)

    • Chawan - Wabi Ceramic Matcha Bowl (Handmade)
  • Hand-glazed & wood-fired ceramic pot to make matcha.


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    • Hand-glazed & wood-fired ceramic

    • Holds up to 10.14 fl oz
    • Lightweight and with a comfortable grip

    Treasured for their organic uniqueness, no two handmade ceramic pots are ever alike. Immerse in the age-old Japanese matcha tradition with a bowl crafted by master artisans. Hand-glazed and wood-fired, the exquisite bowl ensures your matcha achieves the desired smooth and frothy texture. 

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    To clean rinse with water and air dry or clean with a soft cloth.
    Use mild detergent to wash. Before storing, ensure to let it dry completely, for if stored while still wet, it might develop a damp smell or mold.

    Is this a handmade product?

    Yes, it is a hand made product

    Can this be used in microwave or oven??

    Yes, it can be used in Microwave or Oven.

    Can we pour hot water directly into this?

    Yes, you can pour hot water to prepare your wholesome and nourishing matcha tea.


    • material Ceramic
    • height 2.75 in
    • volume 10.14 fl oz
    • net weight 8.99 oz
    • diameter 4.33 in
    • sku CWMB
    • Color Cool-Grey