TEA-JAY Iced Tea Maker


With this ultra-modern, easy-to-use iced tea maker, you are sure to steep a glassful of your favorite iced tea all year long. The stainless-steel top serves as the brewing compartment. Once the tea is ready, you simply the turn the lid at the top to empty the infusion into the glass carafe below. Toss in your choice of condiments and steep a glass of delicious, freshly-brewed iced tea anytime you want. Perfect when entertaining friends and for garden parties.


  • material Glass
  • volume 27.0 fl oz
  • height 12.0 in
  • diameter 3.7 in
  • sku BTJ1
  • Color Transparent



how to use

  • Add condiments of your choice into the glass carafe along with ice.
  • Spoon a desired quality of tea leaves into the stainless steel compartment.
  • Pour recently boiled water over the leaves and secure the lid at the top with the ridge lined up.
  • Follow steeping instructions for the specific tea.
  • Once tea is ready, turn the lid to release infusion into the glass carafe. The leaves are collected in the stainless steel compartment.
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2 Reviews


July 1, 2016

Easy to use, easy to clean, stylish and durable

Best Served : Anytime, Morning, Afternoon, Evening.

The TEAJAY is brilliant! I have owned a wide variety of contraptions for brewing iced tea, and none have approached the simplicity and ease of use of the TEAJAY. Insert ice (and goodies if you like), put your loose (or bagged) tea in the infusion chamber. Screw the infusion chamber in and pour water at the right temperature for the desired tea, and steep it as you normally would. Unscrew the infusion chamber one turn or two and watch the liquor drain into the serving carafe. Screw the infusion chamber back in to seal it off, and serve the iced tea to taste. It's safe in the dishwasher. It's taken a couple tumbles from my wobbly hands and survived. And it's even super easy to clean by hand. Has to be one of my favorite tea accessories ever.


Aug. 26, 2015

A must have for iced tea lovers!

Very simple to use, practical and convenient. Looks pretty cool too.

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