Carafe Tea Maker


Steep and sip your tea on the go with this dashing carafe tea maker. It’s the perfect tea accessory for those who like their tea just right, no matter where they are. It comes with a removable, fine-mesh stainless steel infuser which is ideal for loose leaf tea. To pour a cup, simple undo the lid at the opposite end of the infuser and use like a bottle. Take it with you to the park, use it as a table top accessory or let it tag along on your daily commute to work, this carafe tea maker will do you right.


  • material Glass
  • volume 15.22 fl oz
  • height 25.0 in
  • diameter 1.57 in
  • sku ITM2
  • Color Transparent

how to use

  • Turn the lid to remove it.
  • Spoon desired quantity of tea leaves into the stainless steel infuser.
  • Slowly pour recently boiled water into the container. Avoid filling all the way to the top.
  • Tighten the lid and steep tea as usual.
  • When tea is ready, carefully turn the lid and remove infuser to avoid over steeping. You may let the infuser remain within the container and undo the lid at the opposite end to pour out infusion.

2 Reviews


Jan. 15, 2017

Highly recommended

I love it, and I enjoy making tea using carafe tea maker!

DR Arun

July 7, 2016

great for use in work place

Best Served : Anytime.

smart and easy to use. it can be best served for two.

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