Pyramid Stainless Steel Kettle


Chic, smart, and stylish if those words call out to you, then this is your tea accessory. Its the perfect size for making a generous serving of tea for a cozy little party. As an added bonus, its easy to use and easy to clean.

How to use

  • Remove the infuser and keep aside
  • Pour the water into the kettle and cover with lid. Turn on the stove.
  • Spoon the desired quantity of tea leaves into the infuser. Place it inside the kettle once the water has sufficiently heated.
  • Replace the lid and allow the leaves to steep for the desired duration.
  • Before serving the tea, we recommend that you remove the infused leaves to avoid over steeping the brew.

    • material Stainless Steel
    • volume 34.0 fl oz
    • height 4.3 in
    • diameter 7.5 in
    • sku KKPS1

    care instructions

    The lid, knob and the handle tends to get mildly hot during brewing.



    stove top


    induction cooktop




    2 Reviews


    June 12, 2017

    Form & Function combine for a marvellous teapot

    From the moment you see the box, you know this is a special object. The box looks like a box of pastries, promising a treat within. The teapot is deceptively small, and yet easily holds the 1.0 liter that it is specified to hold. When you lower the strainer into a full teapot, the water doesn't overflow, it gently sweeps under the strainer. Easy to use, either as a standalone teapot or on the induction stove. Highly recommended!


    Feb. 24, 2017

    качество и функциональность

    классный чайник: есть фильтр от заварки в носике, плюс съемный фильтр, крышка очень плотно сидит, чайник сделан из толстого металла, интересный внешний вид. съемный фильтр низко сидит , так что можно заварить одну чашку. доволен.

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