Seidel Glass Tea Mug with Infuser


If you are looking to improve your tea making skills then look no further than this sleek, clear glass tea mug. It comes with a fine mesh, removable stainless steel infuser that allows you to steep your favorite tea right inside the mug with absolute perfection. Efficient, easy to use, and beaming contemporary style, this tea mug is sure to spend a lot less time sitting in your cabinets.

  • Temperature Range: 0°C to 100°C

    • material Glass
    • volume 10.0 fl oz
    • height 5.3 in
    • diameter 3.1 in
    • sku DCUP4
    • Color Transparent

    how to use

  • Spoon desired quantity of tea leaves into the infuser.
  • Place infuser within the mug.
  • Add recently boiled water over tea leaves.
  • Cover the mug with lid and allow the leaves to steep.
  • When tea is ready, remove infuser to avoid over steeping. You may use the lid as a coaster to hold the infuser.
  • 2 Reviews


    July 14, 2017

    Simple to Use and Maintain

    Likes : High Quality.

    Convenient Tea maker that doubles up as a mug. To be better, the infuser could be closer to the bottom surface.


    April 15, 2016

    The perfect mug for loose leaf tea

    Likes : High Quality.

    Best Served : Anytime.

    I drink tea many times a day and fell in love with this mug from the moment I received it. It's easy to see why: PROS: - It looks elegant, classy and sophisticated, yet subtle; - The two layers of borosilicate ensure that the bottom of the cup is never hot, meaning I can put the cup on my wooden table without having to fear heat stains. At the same time, no matter how hot the water inside the cup, the outside of the cup is never so hot to make holding the cup unbearable; - The holder is big enough for my hand (I have big hands!); - The stainless steel infuser's very fine mesh lets absolutely nothing through but flavour; - The infuser can be taken out without burning my fingers; - The glass lid sits nicely on top of the cup, making it easy to put on and remove. No effort or strength are required to do so; - The lid acts as a coaster for the infuser once the latter has been taken out of the mug; - The Teabox branding is only very subtle at the bottom of the cup (nothing against Teabox of course, but I hate obvious branding); - Excellent value for money; CONS: - It is not dishwasher safe; - It needs to be washed after every mug of tea if you have different teas in a row, but that's not a big effort in my eyes; - The mug has the perfect volume (300 ml) for my liking; If you are looking for a nice mug to brew your loose leaf tea in look no further, this mug is perfection!

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