Choco-Muscat Chai


Introducing for the first time a chocolate chai blend created using the finest quality cocoa beans and aromatic Darjeeling muscatel. Its brownish orange liquor emanates a heady aroma of chocolate and cinnamon. And a sip will take your taste buds on a flavor journey - from dark chocolate to a strong muscatel one. And the best part is, you can enjoy this tea anytime of the day.


Vanilla bean



Cocoa bean

the experience



Warm; dominant note of dark chocolate and sweet vanilla




The cup is dominated by flavor of dark chocolate. The infusion feels reckless, emitting at once flavors that are sweet and bitter, muscatel and spicy, and at times mildly herbal. There is a smooth thickness in the infusion which coats the mouth with a creamy sweetness.


Perfect with orange souffle, lemon pie and strawberry-based desserts.

dry leaf


Intoxicating aroma dark chocolate


Dark brown cocoa nibs, cinnamon with black tea



Notably muscatel, floral, bouquet of dark chocolate and cinnamon


Shades of dark brown and green

steeping notes

cold filtered O2 Rich Water


Tea Leaves



180 fl oz

90-100 oF

1.25 tsp / 2.3 g

7 Mins

Recommended number of steeps - one


Drink Plain




19 Reviews

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  • Great Aroma 17
  • Unique Flavor Profile 15
  • Smooth Body 11
  • High Quality 9
  • Freshness 9


  • Weak 4
  • No Flavor 2
  • Strong 2
  • Bitter if Over-Steeped 0

Best Served

  • Dessert Tea 15
  • Anytime 7
  • Morning 5
  • Evening 3
  • Afternoon 3


Oct. 27, 2016

Delicious--if brewed properly.

Likes : Great Aroma, Smooth Body, Unique Flavor Profile.

Dislikes : Weak.

Best Served : Anytime, Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Dessert Tea.

I was surprised by how much I liked this chocolate chai. It balances the flavors very well, but you need more tea than the package suggests, and to steep it for the full seven minutes, to get that depth of flavor.


June 5, 2016

Nice dessert tea

Dislikes : No Flavor, Weak.

Best Served : Dessert Tea.

Nice tea, enjoyed the chocolate flavour but weaker then I had hoped.

Scott Strizic

April 4, 2016

High Quality Dark Chocolate Light Tea

Likes : Great Aroma, Smooth Body, High Quality, Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Evening, Dessert Tea.

Subtle spicy high quality dark chocolate aroma. The palate has a very pleasant dark chocolate taste while still not being overpowering. Light tannis around out the finish with hints of the chocolate. This would be a great way to lightly finish off a dinner party.


March 24, 2016

Delicious chai!

Likes : Great Aroma, High Quality, Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Anytime, Morning.

Love the chocolate mixed with the spices in this chai. I also appreciate that it's flavorful without star anise!


Jan. 19, 2016

Lovely smoky tea

Likes : Great Aroma.

Dislikes : Strong.

Best Served : Anytime.

When I first got this tea out I was a bit suspect. It was dark and had a very smoky almost musty aroma. I forged ahead and brewed the tea. About 4 cups at once. I was surprised by the long steep time. The brewed aroma was also very smoky with a hint of chocolate. But the taste. Oh the taste. It is a rich smoky satisfying cup of tea. Very earthy like a warm fire with hints of chocolate on completion. This will definitely be a favorite in future!!


Dec. 16, 2015

It's a nice dessert tea.

Likes : Great Aroma, Smooth Body.

Dislikes : No Flavor, Weak.

Best Served : Dessert Tea.

The tea had a very nice, fragrant aroma but the flavor was always weak at best even when steeping more tea than required.


Dec. 10, 2015

Deesssert cup every day, and anytime

Likes : Freshness, Great Aroma, Smooth Body, High Quality, Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Anytime, Dessert Tea.

Every parcel, I put something new in parcel, but every parcel, this one again and again, nice chocolate and desert tea, I bought this tea for me and my friends, every said, this is awesome blend.


Nov. 3, 2015

For chocolate lovers!

Likes : Freshness, Great Aroma, Smooth Body, High Quality, Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Dessert Tea.

Excellent. Complex and rich aroma and taste. Not too strong or caffeinated. Ideal for dessert.

Alexandra Kimmel

Oct. 25, 2015

Warming and sweet

Likes : Freshness, Great Aroma, Smooth Body, High Quality, Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Anytime, Dessert Tea.

Incredibly sweet smell of vanilla and cocoa! Like the smell of cookies! In the taste of it i feel more spicey muscat and of course the great black tea. To my opinion this tea is very Christmassy!


Oct. 16, 2015

An amazing tea, but slightly weaker than I hoped for.

Likes : Freshness, Great Aroma, Unique Flavor Profile.

Dislikes : Weak.

The leaves of this tea smell amazing, but it's true aroma is only present when steeped. Perfect for this time of year as we move into the colder months, I enjoy this tea in the late evenings, while relaxing on the patio. Still, the flavor of this tea would be truly amazing if it had a bit more kick to it, if it really tasted how it smells. While on the weak side, I still truly enjoyed the chocolate notes, and paired this tea with a dash of milk, which helped to bring out it's flavor a bit.


Aug. 28, 2015

Nice Chocolatey Flavor!

Likes : Great Aroma.

Best Served : Dessert Tea.

This tea reminds me of a strong Mexican Hot Cocoa. It has a great grape-like tea flavor that is not over-powered by the cocoa beans. Chocolate is definitely a superfood and when you combine it with tea it makes for a very healthy beverage that you can drink all the time if you want. I like to drink this when it is very cold outside. It is very warming and delicious.


Aug. 10, 2015

Экстремально вкусный чай для девушек и детей

Likes : Freshness, Great Aroma, Smooth Body, High Quality, Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Anytime, Dessert Tea.

В первый раз брал этот чай в пробниках, потом взял 100 грамм, теперь заказал уже 300, детишки и девушки в восторге, рекомендую любителям вкусняшек


July 29, 2015

It smells like real chocolate cake batter.

Likes : Freshness, Great Aroma, Unique Flavor Profile.

This was a good tea, I'm not much of a chai person but add a little milk, some sugar or honey and bam. You have a delicious chocolate-ey drink. It also smells AMAZING, reminds me of my chocolate cake I make a lot of times.


July 24, 2015

Amazing !!!

Likes : Great Aroma, Smooth Body, High Quality, Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Morning, Afternoon, Dessert Tea.

Opening the bag and the aroma of cocoa, vanilla beans and cinnamon is just amazing. My first sip the dark chocolate taste did not disappoint this dark chocolate fend. I just love this tea. This tea is very well balanced had it leaned more chocolate boy oh boy!!! But this blend is just fine. I can sip this all day plain, but add honey powder, Yummy can not wait to add cream. This will always be in my tea drawer.


May 4, 2015

Very interesting

Likes : Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Dessert Tea.

This is a very nice tea. Best made with lots of sugar the chocolate is definitely there but not overpowering. Definitely worth trying.

Kurt Charles

March 18, 2015

Great dessert tea

Likes : Great Aroma, Smooth Body, Unique Flavor Profile.

Dislikes : Strong.

Best Served : Evening, Dessert Tea.

This tea is pretty strong, i would suggest using half as much as suggested with a longer steeping time. The chocolate flavor is very strong but is balanced out by the muscat.

Jesus Nazar

March 7, 2015

Strong chocolate flavor

Likes : Freshness, Great Aroma, Smooth Body, Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Morning, Dessert Tea.

I bought this tea for my wife and we both fell in love with it. The strong chocolate/cacao aroma is amazing. The combination of vanilla, cinnamon and cacao is just a treat. We usually have this tea in the morning


Feb. 7, 2015

Cacao Chai

Likes : Freshness, Great Aroma, High Quality, Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Afternoon, Dessert Tea.

Many many Chocolate are for children, cheeper taste than Cacao. This tea has storong aroma of mild Cacao, not sweet Chocolate, with some hint of Darjeelin tea. This tea has slight astrigent. This tea is not for childeren, but for Ladies & Gentlemen.


Feb. 5, 2015

Incredibly rich & unique

Likes : Freshness, Great Aroma, Smooth Body, High Quality, Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Anytime, Morning, Dessert Tea.

Opening the bag, the smell is heavenly. This is one of the most rich, chocolately smelling things ever. Not just tea. Anything, ever. Have you ever had drinking chocolate that’s basically melted chocolate mixed with heavy cream, and it kind of coats your mouth and throat and is so rich you can only manage the tiniest sip at a time? That was my first impressions - a Mayan chocolate drinking chocolate with a hint of chillis. Steeped this for 7 min, though only 1tsp for 8oz instead of the 2tsp for 180ml that they suggested. The steeped tea smells incredibly rich, like the dry leaf. I’m almost bracing for disappointment in the sip, because it’s hard to imagine any tea living up to the promise of this smell. Well, the sip isn’t as rich as the smell, but I think this is probably the richest chocolate tea I’ve ever had. What an amazing, interesting flavour. There’s thick dark chocolate notes, slightly sweet, slightly bitter, a really intense muscat Darjeeling flavour that incorporates the spiced, herbal notes typical to Darjeeling, and then some cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg supporting. The mouthfeel is thick and smooth. There’s a strong mouth coating effect, but it’s the slightly thick, creamy, oily coating you get from letting good quality chocolate melt in your mouth. A touch of a powdery sensation that makes me think of cocoa powder. No astringency. This tea is incredible. Totally unique and a really stand out chocolate tea. A fantastic variation on masala chai.

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