Lopchu Flowery Orange Pekoe Black Tea


This is an uncommon, hard-to-find tea with a delectably fruity-woody flavor profile. Peaking with evocative flavors of Darjeeling first flush as well as bold Assam black tea, this black tea offers the best of both worlds. Look for pleasant green apple and lychee notes in its flavor, which slowly mature into mild woody tones. The flavors linger long on the palate, ensuring the experience of the sweet, aromatic brew stays with you for the good haul.

the experience



Heady hit of burnt wood and smoke


Bright orange


A slight earthiness is followed by a big hit of burnt wood and smoke. Soon, a familiar note of cocoa envelops this smokiness. With no astringency or briskness, the tea finishes on a pleasant mellowness.


Red meat, creme brulee

dry leaf


Pronounced high-fired characteristics


Lightly rolled, chocolate brown



Scent of cherry wood and earth which make way for intensely sweet notes, reminiscent of dried apricot, and a hint of saffron


Chestnut brown

steeping notes

cold filtered O2 Rich Water


Tea Leaves



6 fl oz

185-194 oF

1.5 tsp / 2.5 g

5 Mins

Recommended number of steeps - one


Drink Plain




May 18, 2016

15 Reviews


  • Unique Flavor Profile 13
  • Freshness 7
  • Smooth Body 6
  • Great Aroma 6
  • High Quality 6


  • Bitter if Over-Steeped 2
  • No Flavor 1
  • Strong 0
  • Weak 0

Best Served

  • Morning 8
  • Anytime 6
  • Afternoon 5
  • Evening 3
  • Dessert Tea 0


Dec. 5, 2015

Fantastic - the flavour & aroma just stays and feels fantastic

Likes : Freshness, Great Aroma, Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Morning.

Greatest tea ever


Oct. 31, 2015

An everyday Autumn/Winter treat.

Likes : Smooth Body, Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Morning, Afternoon.

This is a great value tea. I urge anyone to try this one as an 'everyday' tea. It is a little bolder in taste than my usual favourites, but I find it very satisfying. As Tad mentioned the flavours here come from the 'lower' end of the spectrum - toasty, slightly woody. This makes a nice change from the lighter Darjeeling teas I usually prefer. I get a little maltiness(?) in the taste and some 'nuttiness' in the aroma also. It is smoother than you might expect from the deep colour. I cannot find any harshness, astringency or bitterness if brewed as per instructions and a weaker brew (fewer leaves, same steep time) still results in an interesting tea... This takes a second steep surprisingly well. Thank you once again, Teabox! (Drunk plain)


July 28, 2015

Unique flavor profile

Likes : Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Morning.

This is relatively round for a Darjeeling, more bass than treble, on the toast and cocoa side as other reviewers have noted, a great value.


May 10, 2015

Delicious tea for the afternoon or evening

Likes : Freshness, Smooth Body, High Quality, Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Afternoon, Evening.

My husband drinks this tea every day, twice a day and loves it. We discovered the FOP after tasting many other fine tea samples. My husband keeps coming back to this one and drinks it full strength w/a spoon of sugar.


April 21, 2015

Toasted flavor makes a great cup of tea

Likes : Great Aroma, Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Morning.

This tea has a great toasted flavor reminiscent of gunpowder green. This is one of my favorites to brew for breakfast and at work. Great for multiple infusions.


April 8, 2015

Well-rounded, woody and soft

Likes : Freshness, Smooth Body, Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Morning, Afternoon.

This is really pleasant and slightly unusual for a Darjeeling. The main characteristic is a distinctive but soft woodiness, that is nicely-balanced, without any harsh astringency. The price is excellent. It is a good candidate for everyday drinking through the day -- not too heavy, not too light.

Ajay Mathur

March 8, 2015

Great experience.

Likes : Great Aroma, Smooth Body, High Quality.

Dislikes : Bitter if Over-Steeped.

Best Served : Morning, Evening.

Excellent flavor, very delicate. Will prefer to reduce the leaves per cup from 1Tsp to 0.75 Tsp per cup. This gives more delicate flavor experience.


Feb. 5, 2015

Best one can have

Likes : Freshness, Great Aroma, High Quality, Unique Flavor Profile.

Dislikes : Bitter if Over-Steeped.

Best Served : Anytime.

Lopchu is the most awesomest tea that I've ever had and I crave for it all the time. This is one kind of flavor you won't find anywhere else. Roasted darjeeling is best tasted in lopchu.


Jan. 14, 2015

you wouldn't expect this from Darjeeling

Likes : Smooth Body, Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Afternoon, Evening.

The smell of roasted pastry, strong coffee like aroma with a hint of caramel, body not much different from Assam, but not that strong, a little bit sour in the finish. When it calms down, you might also recognize flowery tones in the finish. It reminded me of some Phoenix-like chinese oolongs, yet still astringent. Much better when drinking warm then sipping hot :-) Very untypical Darjeeling, worth a try if you like roasted oolongs from China.


Jan. 6, 2015

Tea with unique flavor profile

Likes : High Quality, Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Anytime.

This is a unique tea. Teabox describes it correctly to have earthy flavor. I tried it with milk as well as without it. In both cases it offers a unique flavor profile. As the tea cools it presents wonderful variations in the flavor. This is not a typical Darjeeling. It presents some Assam like character. I even notice a slight coffee-like aroma.


Dec. 20, 2014

Not your grandma's Darjeeling

Likes : Freshness, Great Aroma, Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Anytime, Morning.

This is brilliantly ambidextrous tea that can be enjoyed plain or with milk. The dry leaves have a heady floral aroma. This also comes through in the flavor, which hits notes that are both floral and deep dark chocolate. The mildly astringent finish gives this tea ample fortitude to stand up to milk. Lopchu FOP, a psychedelic warrior in a velvet cloak.


Nov. 13, 2014

Mystery in a tea cup

Likes : Freshness, Great Aroma, High Quality, Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Morning, Afternoon.

This is a very unique tea. I found it had quite a lot of smokey aromas with a malty Assam-like profile. Interestingly it's a Darjeeling and there are more flavours to discover as the tea cools. I tasted mild spice, a bit of fruitiness and honey. I actually prefer to drink this tea without any milk, lemon or sugar to appreciate all the different aromas which are revealed layer after layer. Another great discovery!


Nov. 6, 2014

A Darjeeling with fermented overtones

Likes : Freshness, High Quality, Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Anytime.

Muted muscatel with notes of fermented Assam-like character. A unique flavour profile. Well worth it.


May 9, 2014

Specific one

Likes : Smooth Body.

Dislikes : No Flavor.

Best Served : Anytime.

First time purchased. Got it in Europe, very well packed. Awaited quality something like in description. Very nice dark amber colour, pleasant scent. But, almost no tea flavor, smooth (weak) taste. Probably it could depend on water quality or that is tea for experienced experts. In general - good quality tea

Nofar Spalter

Feb. 18, 2014

Wonderful and unique Darjeeling

Likes : Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Anytime.

Yea gods this tea is good! I swear that if you’d told me that this is a Darj I would have laughed. It’s a 2nd flush (my favorite!) Darjeeling, and being only FOP, you’d think that it wouldn’t be great, but it is! Imagine the best of Assam joined with the best of Darjeeling, and this will be it. And no, this is not a blend. There is something of the etherealness and light body of the Darj, coupled with the bassiness and nutty, earthy sweetness of Assam in this tea. The only minus to be found is that it is astringent, and it’s not shy about it. I used a bit of sugar (less than a spoon) to tone it down, otherwise it would have been unpleasant. As it was, it was just a faint puckering of the mouth after every sip. A unique tea experience, and something that I will buy more of.