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We make sure every selection we send out is
fresher and tastier than any tea you've ever had.

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We work directly with over 150 tea growers across
India and Nepal to source the best tea there is.

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We are a culture that’s changing the way tea is
perceived and consumed, one cup at a time.


Received my tea in only 4 days ,beautifully packed .I am a brit. living in usa and this is the best tea I have tasted in all my 66yrs! I have tried a lot of teas over the years, but nothing came near this. i guess I never really knew what Fresh tea was! I love the extras too the free samples etc. Thank you so much and I know where my tea will always be coming from now!

Nick Dennison - Kentucky, US

My parcel arrived in record time (4 days) and it was beautifully packaged. I really appreciate the attention to detail and the free samples. Thank you teabox!

Marion Ware - Victoria, Australia

I think your company is fantastic. As soon as I got my parcel I started to brew some tea and it's the best I've ever tasted! I can't believe I've been drinking tea all these years without an appreciation for types, the growers, the regions, brewing processes, etc. I have now signed up for a monthly subscription and would definitely recommend your tea to everyone! Thank you.

Gillian Cowell - Scotland, UK


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