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Cardamom Tea Blends


If you want to taste the forest in your tea, an infusion of freshly crushed, organic cardamom pods can get you there. Its gentle airy taste has the ability to give your tea a spicy depth.


What is Cardamom Tea?


Cardamom tea is a refreshing beverage often said to have a spicy, citrusy, yet herbal taste. It is made by crushing fresh organic cardamom seeds and steeping them into boiling water. Cardamom seeds have a very strong flavor that can overpower other spices, when added to tea, its strong mix of flavors can be overwhelming, giving the tea an exotic flavorful taste.


Cardamom Tea Benefits


Cardamom tea has anti-inflammatory properties that can help with a lot of health issues. Here are a few benefits of drinking cardamom tea:  

1. Helps with digestions
2. Helps with detoxification
3. Can alleviate the symptoms of halitosis


        Blends of Cardamom tea:


        Cardamom tea is often blended with a few other spices or ingredients such as cinnamon and ginger to give the tea a little more flavor. A few famous cardamom tea blends would include ginger cardamom tea and cardamom cinnamon tea. There are numerous health benefits of blending ginger or cinnamon with cardamom, all these spices aid in digestion and in calming stomach issues. Additionally, the spicy taste this tea has to offer makes it a nice warm beverage for cold weather.