Oolong Teas
Oolong Teas

Oolong Teas



  • Darjeeling Singbulli Spring Flowery Oolong

    A Darjeeling cup with notes of lilies & fruity flavors.

    1.7o | 50g | 20cups
    $ 26.99
  • Darjeeling Red Thunder Autumn Oolong

    A Darjeeling Autumn cup of stone-fruit notes & woody accents

    3.5o | 100g | 40cups
    $ 19.99

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Organic Oolong Tea 

More famous as a Chinese tea, the name ‘oolong’ also has its origin there, in ‘wu long’ or ‘black dragon’. Its origins come in unconfirmed stories, one of a tea grower named Wu Long who forgot to process his pick one day. The leaves began to naturally wilt and oxidize. When Wu Long found them the next day, he decided to process them mildly and found himself with a brew that was similar to the black tea but smoother, sweeter and more fragrant. 

Makings of the Best Oolong Teas 

Oolongs too are made from leaves of the tea plant, Camellia sinensis. What sets it apart from the blacks or whites or greens is the single step of oxidation. Oolongs fit between black and green teas by being partially oxidized. 

Its leaves are usually formed in one of two unique styles: rolling them long and curly or ‘wrap‐ curling’ the leaves into small bead‐like shapes, sometimes with a tail.

 To create the robust fresh flavor the leaves are withered, rolled, and fired multiple times. In crafting an oolong, the tea master must both recognize the potential in a leaf to lend itself to this type, and be skilled in the making of it.

Oolong teas have caught the interest of tea drinkers for health reasons as well. There are numerous oolong teas benefits and it’s thought to be beneficial to health for its antioxidant properties, as much or more than the average black.  

How to Find the Best Organic Oolong Teas? 

While Taiwanese and Chinese oolongs are famous world over, in India too oolongs are now beginning to gain recognition and popularity. Darjeeling’s tea gardens have begun to produce organic oolong teas in small quantities. Unlike the Taiwanese or Chinese oolongs which are more toasty and woody, the Indian oolongs are floral and fragrant. Less astringent than the black, they are more about flavors than tannic strength. You can find the best fresh loose leaf oolong teas from the finest estates of India like Darjeeling’s Mim, Castleton, Jungpana, Singbulli and Glenburn. You can also get organic oolong and loose leaf oolong teas in Teabox’s nitro-flushed Teapacs which have pyramidal oolong tea bags.

Health Benefit of Oolong Teas 

If you are looking for reasons to buy oolong tea online, its amazing health benefits are sure to convince you to start drinking this tea. Oolong tea is a partially fermented, black tea that offers a number of health benefits including:

1. Weight management
2. Removing dangerous radicals
3. Treating atopic dermatitis
4. Improving bone health

Oolong teas are also known to improve thinking skills and mental alertness. It is also used to prevent cancer, tooth decay and heart diseases. The most talked about benefit of oolong tea however has to be its contribution to weight loss.

Apart from its hard-to-ignore health benefits, oolong teas are famous for its sweet and fragrant aftertaste. Brewing loose leaf oolong tea is the best way to consume this healthy beverage. 

Where to Buy Loose Leaf Oolong Tea? 

If you’re wondering how you can get your hand on a box of oolong tea? You’ll be surprised by how widely available these teas are. You can simply buy oolong tea online. There are many different types of oolong tea available online for you to choose from, like the classic spring oolong tea or the high-mountain oolong tea, each type of oolong tea offers a different flavour you are sure to love.