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Disclaimer: Some of the testimonials shown here have been submitted by users describing their experience at DarjeelingTeaXpress dot com, our older site.

Perfect tea; great customer service, and fast shipping.

Omeeta Grewal,
Preston VIC,

Nice web site. Beautiful and useful packaging. Ships from India.

Bob Desinger,
Mountain View CA,
United States

Teas are flavorful and your service is wonderful.

Janis Rockett,
Fairhaven MA,
United States

Quality unique profile tea.

Kimberli Monk,
New York NY,
United States

Great tea, great selection, fast shipping.

Caroline Rothaug
Saratoga Springs NY,
United States

Quality of the tea, freshness, quick shipping, accessories and friendly, helpful service!

Julie Geveshausen,
Bend OR,
United States

Quality of your Darjeeling second flush chinary teas from Goomtee, Jungpana,  and others like Risheehat, Margarets hope, oaks, and singell

Harsh Sharangpani,
Los Altos Hills CA,
United States

Your fine Assam teas are my favourites, and they arrive fresh and promptly. Thanks!!

Ellen Wagner,
Boulder CO,
United States

Excellent tea, very prompt shipping of well-packaged products.

Jane Craig,
Wooster OH,
United States

Efficient and helpful team.

Mike Creasey,
Whaplode Lincs,
United Kingdom

The Tea selections are outstanding. The best source of quality tea that I know  This is the address if you are seeking diversity, quality, and consistency in your tea lives.

Barry Chazan,
Lincolnshire IL,
United States

The tea is wonderful. The website is easy to use and free shipping was an added bonus.

Patricia Freeman,
Norton Shores MI,
United States

Teas are good quality and deliveries are super fast from India

Mark Little,
United Kingdom

Interesting, quality teas.

Erik Torjesen,
Woodlands St.,

I have been a very happy customer for years now! Great selection, high quality, super fast delivery, great promotions. Keep up the good work!

Ville Tuulos,
Los Gatos CA,
United States

Great tea selection, fast delivery

Caroline Rothaug,
Saratoga Springs NY,
United States

Excellent tea + outstanding and reliable customer support service my long-lasting loyalty

Ondrej Franek
Los Angeles CA,
United States

A well-designed website with in-depth descriptions of the teas in an easy to understand format with honest reviews

Evelyn Bhumgara,
Kent CT ,
United States

Great teas!  Also easy to order and quick delivery. Love them!!!

Lynette Shaw,
Camas WA,
United States

Teabox is the only place I have found so far that has a large selection of fresh quality teas for reasonable prices.

John Rutecki,
Pittsford NY,
United States

Excellent, fresh teas and quick delivery

Gudny Bartoletti,
Årsta Havsbad,

Loving the Chai!

Manu Ashwin,
Coimbatore TN,

Fresh good quality tea. Easy to order online.

Zoe McMurtrie,

Good quality, great taste

Shoeb Khan,
Saudi Arabia

Prompt service good quality and variety

Dave Snowden,
United Kingdom

Your teas are very good

David Placci,
Possagno TV,

Good choice of teas by Estate, flush and region. Excellent prices and prompt shipment.

Milind Yedkar,
St Thomas Walk,

The tea quality is very high

Peter Rawle,
New Territories,
Hong Kong

Fresh tea

Adam Crossman,
Waltham MA,
United States

Fresh, fast, high quality

Murali Sharma,
Walnut Creek CA,
United States is a superb company to conduct business with. They have the highest quality and variety of teas to choose from. They care about their product and their customers. That is why I choose for my quality cup of tea. Cheers!

Constanze Neathery,
Houston TX,
United States

Great selection of teas. Always well-packaged.

Francis Mattondo,
New York NY,
United States

like the product

Luiza Maal,
San Marcos TX,
United States

Fresh and flavorful. Can always trust your teas to be of the highest quality.

Richard Ytreeide,
Woodinville WA,
United States

Prompt service good quality and variety

Dave Snowden,
United Kingdom

Good choice of teas by the estate, flush and region. Excellent prices and prompt shipment.

Milind Yedkar,
St Thomas Walk,

The tea quality is very high

Murali Sharma,
Walnut Creek CA,
United States

The Darjeeling tea I order is exceptionally fresh and the leaves are wonderfully preserved.

David Freidel,
St Louis MO,
United States

Freshest teas from the Indian subcontinent. Love the tasting notes!

Shivani Goel,
Portland OR,
United States

I have recommended your tea to many friends and colleagues. The quality of tea and speed of shipping. Thank you, Teabox.

Svetlana Sicular,
Foster City CA,
United States

Because Teabox delivers consistently high-quality tea! Once you taste really great tea, nothing else compares.

Jeanne Kays,
San Jose CA,
United States

We have enjoyed all the teas we have ordered over the past three years. It is wonderful to get newly-picked, fresh- packaged teas directly from the source.

Judith Currey,
Junction City KS,
United States

The tea is very fresh and there is lots of selection.

Greg Patzer,
Morden MB,

Your level of detail in tea description and the sheer number of teas you have is astonishing. I was sad our former tea company folded but it made us find you! I can’t wait to dive into our selections!

Kristine Mossinghoff,
Monmouth Junction NJ,
United States

Great customer service, fast shipping, the best tasting, freshest tea.

Emily Bockmiller,
United States

I love that through Teabox I can purchase tea from individual gardens/estates. You have given the producers the opportunity to have pride in their tea just like vintners with wine.

Jessica Watson,
Prince Rupert BC,

I am very pleased with the tea. Great selection and great quality. I have been ordering teabox tea for many years. This is the best and freshest tea.

Tatiana Dublinskaya,

Fresh teas, Lots of choices, Free samples, and fast delivery.

Marina Waltz,
Flagler Beach FL,
United States

The good communication, the great choose online about teas and the professionality in the proposed quality.

Masserano Zoli,
Genova Italy

I get fresh high-quality single estate teas. The packaging keeps them fresh. Prompt and courteous service. Transparency - I get what I read.

All these traits together form the one unique experience that makes me get to tea-box repeatedly.

Sushil Bajpai,
Alton, Hants,
United Kingdom