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I have ordered twice from Teabox. The first time, I sent a gift to my friend, and she was excited about how exquisitely wrapped her package was. I appreciate the care that you took to not only provide a quality product but to present it in a beautiful way. The second time, I ordered tea for myself, and I appreciate the quality of the tea as well as the care you took to make sure it arrived in a timely manner. The excellent customer service plus an excellent product makes me a loyal customer!

Lasuniya Baker-Smith,
Arlington TX,
United States

Awesome chai and fast delivery

Keith McGuinnes,
Boulder CO,
United States

Love the quality of your tea, excellent communication, and fast delivery.

Deno De Ciantis,
Pittsburgh PA,
United States

The different teas I have ordered are delicious and unique.

Karen Salerno,
Whittier CA,
United States

Quality and selection of tea offered by your brand.

Beena Varghese,
Bangalore KA,

Excellent tea. Fast and reliable delivery.

Peter Kulchyski,
Winnipeg MB,

The excellence of the tea. Also the customer service.

Kathleen Griffith
Belmont MA,
United States

The best value so far for masala chai! I wish there more.

Faith Caube,
Ermita Manila,

Wonderful selection of tea. Very fresh and well packed.


Eva Mecic,
Evanston IL,
United States

I bought the teas as a gift for my mom and she loved them! Great selection and variety and we never had any problems with shipping or anything. It was an excellent gift for tea drinkers!

Lisa Filkins,
Niskayuna NY,
United States

Great tea and excellent service!

Ellen Wagner,
CO 80301,
United States

Very professional website simple to use never had a single problem always have superior products never a missed delivery or stolen package if i was teaching business i would use this company as a classic example of a well-thought business plan

Gary Pal,
San Francisco CA,
United States

Great teas that are well described on the site.

Jessica Daugherty,
New Zealand

Fresh Product

Eva Farre,
East Lansing MI,
United States

Good tea!!!!

Faith Williams, Frierson LA, United States

I don't find better tea anywhere. It ships fast, well packaged, and with a nice note.

Judy Echols,
Tecumseh MI,
United States

Great teas. Easy to order. Accurate descriptions. Good prices on sales.

Robert DeBoer,
Grand Rapids MI,
United States

Delicious teas and great service.

Carlos Llanes,
Albuquerque NM,
United States

Great tea, perfect delivery service!

Hartmut Fuhr,
Krefeld Germany ,

Good quality and variety of single estate tea.

Moon Wookwan,
South Korea

Love your product and service -- just excellent. Keep up the good work!!! ...

Dave Makichuk,
Calgary AB T3K 0Y6

Promotional package & speed.

Lye-Kiat Chua,

Great products, decent price, excellent service

Milind Yedkar,
Singapore 238145,

Quality, Variety, Price, Quick Delivery

Tony Mastrogiorgio,
Pleasant Hill CA,
United States

Fast shipping!

Grace Stocker,
Cary NC,
United States

High-quality tea.

Michael Chapman,
Woodbridge VA,
United States

Good service excellent tea

William Fontaine,
Highlands Ranch CO,
United States

Large Choice of teas perfectly packed. Also extra information on the teas.

Maria Vanderauwera,
Austin TX,
United States

Fabulous tea (Mangalam gardens), good delivery service, and loved getting a few samples to try out something new.

Linsey Miller,
United Kingdom

Great product, good rates, prompt service.

Anne Hilow,
Healdsburg CA,
United States

Your web site was easy to use and gave good explanations. It was easy to order, and delivery was prompt. I also loved your selection of Darjeeling teas and your explanations as to the differences from tea to tea.

Laura Brewer,
Baltimore MD,
United States

I like that your web site has information regarding not only the teas but also the plantations they are sourced from. The reason for my order is that you had the greatest selection of organic teas. And I hope in future your selection of organic varieties expands further.

James Baron,
Arlington WA,
United States

I love tea and products. Best tea ever!

Pamela Russell,
Heathsville VA,
United States

The quality and freshness of Teabox teas are superb!

Jeanne Kays,
San Jose CA,
United States

Great quality of tea, with a good selection. The prices of top-quality Darjeeling tea are excellent. Teabox is most relevant to buyers looking for top-quality Darjeeling.

Gregory Provan,
Western Gateway Building,

Choice of quality teas

Jeannie McLellan,
Holder ACT,

Great quality tea. Wonderfully efficient shipping service. Thank you!

Kavitha Baruah,
OX26 2BE,
United Kingdom

It is good to taste the delicious tea of a great tea garden.

South Wookwan,
South Korea

Great prices and you shipped where I needed you to go

Amber Frechette,
Blk 38B Bendemeer Road,

Great selection and Packaging

Mary Sue Milliken,
Los Angeles CA,
United States

I like the freshness and a wide variety of types and flavors

Frances Ann King,
Brentwood CA,
United States

You have some of my favorite tea.

Caleb Whitaker,
Concord NC 28027
United States

the tea is good

Chander Chopra Parashar,
Surrey BC,

The value for money for each type of Darjeeling tea I bought

Kim Hwee Ng,
5 Kampong Eunos,

Beautiful packaging.  Wonderful aromas.  Large variety of teas.

Mark Esche,
Austin TX ,
United States

Amazing flavor and variety!

Beth Prokop,
Columbus OH,
United States

Perfect tea; great customer service, and fast shipping.

Omeeta Grewal,
Preston VIC,

Nice web site. Beautiful and useful packaging. Ships from India.

Bob Desinger,
Mountain View CA,
United States

Teas are flavorful and your service is wonderful.

Janis Rockett,
Fairhaven MA,
United States

Quality unique profile tea.

Kimberli Monk,
New York NY,
United States