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Good selection of high quality teas. Quick delivery.

Herta Wiesike, ORANGE PARK, United States

love the product and I have given the free samples to four or five people now and two said they really liked them and would look at your website.  don't know if they will order but they might.

Kathryn Ice, Seattle, United States

Outstanding tea!!  Great delivery service.

Deno De Ciantis, St. Petersburg, United States

I'm very happy with the selection Teabox offers, the quality of the tea, and the quality of the service.

Mike Holaday, Tucson, United States

I love the quality and options are endless. I have already recommended you to a lot of people.


Rebecca Mueller, Kewanee, United States

very pleased with the quality/freshness of the product, timely shipment and proper preparedness of the product that was shipped shipping

Gilbert Ronquillo, Richardson, United States

Excellent choices; fair prices; quick delivery.

Sue Donaldson, Eugene, United States

Love the site. Love the prices. And the speed of delivery is great (other than the fact that FedEx insists on signature but that's not your fault). Besides all that, the tea is fantastic. Well done!

Lance Goff, Chester, United States

Everything went well and I had to find a replacement for Peet's Coffee and Tea.

Stephen Johnson, Bakersfield, United States

I love the product

Badar Al Shanfari, SEEB, Oman

Tried tea from Tea box over winter holidays. It was superb, so ordered some more to try the ones we like to order more.

Annu Luthra, Rochester, United States

excellent tea, great selection, excellent customer service, great prices

Mary Cleckley, Athens, United States

Tea has been delicious, Love the packaging!!

Richard Friedman, Arlington, United States

good selection, quick delivery, excellent product.

David Silverman, Bethesda, United States

I love the great deals and sales you have. I can't resist ordering when the tea is such a bargain. It is such good tea!

Vicky Cuevas, Pocatello, United States

I've been a repeat customer for over 2 years. Love Teabox teas❤❤❤

Leslie Dick, Keaau, United States

great products, impeccable delivery and service.

Marianne Gullberg, Malmo, Sweden

Huge choice of lovely teas where the only problem is choosing. The tea is well packed and arrives on one's doorstep a very few days

Meryl Dhir, Finspong, Sweden

Adderley winter frost black were impress me great aroma reach taste were deep yellow color suitable for morning specially for me i am hard weak up in the morning keep me in my work place when i to tired off computer.


deniss prokofjevs, Dublin, Ireland

My son asked for it for Xmas.  I already told all my co-workers

Bev Ray, Belle MO, United States

The teas are  Beautiful . They smell great and the 2 that I have tried were amazing. The order came in a decent amount of time for traveling so far. There were a couple extra samples of tea in the box which was a wonderful surprise. Thank you all for the great  project.

Petrina Armstrong, Struthers, United States

Excellent tea, excellent, fast service

Geoffrey Burkhart, Takoma, United States

Love the teas: fresh, excellent taste, and you know where they are coming from!

Ashley Markley, Wichita, United States

I usually order my loose leaf tea from a local company, but the prices from Teabox are not only less, but the shipping cost is the same. My order arrived very quickly considering it came from halfway around the world. Thank you, Teabox. I look forward to ordering from you again in the future.

Tara Hall, Framingham, United States

good fellows

Binyamin Milto, Lod, Israel

Impressingly fast delivery and outstanding selection.Very good price also, specially on this delivery.

Torstein Hagen, TRONDHEIM, Norway

Lovely minimalistic presentation, without any fuss, all the attention only on the remarkable tea! Already recommended to a couple enthusiasts :)

Annamaria Klimkovich, Marianka, Slovakia

Your tea is the most Exquisite tea I've ever tasted is fresh Beyond its package nicely and I can't believe how fast you can get it from India to my home in the United States. I have recommended it to about five other people so I'm hoping that they will order and enjoy your tea as well.

Rochelle Cramer, Eau Claire, United States

The tea I ordered was delicious, and the packaging was very nice. I appreciated the three free samples as well!

Nicolas Fierro, Albuquerque, United States

I love the site.  I am a certified sommelier, so I love that you have such detailed descriptions that include color, nose and palate.  It makes shopping for tea a fun experience and I am always eager to receive the order and begin trying out the various assortments of tea.

Morgan McGill Thompson, Littleton, United States

I've had great success with your teas, both in ordering and in enjoying the different Assam varieties. I've bought teas to give to 3 friends, as well, and everyone I know who likes tea enjoys your teas a great deal. I just don't understand how you can charge so little for shipping, as I'm sure it's terribly expensive! My favorite tea, by the way, is the Mangalam Summer Gold, which is so malty, flavorful, and smooth. My friends all love to come over for tea, when I serve that tea. Thank you!

Ellen Wagner, Boulder, United States

tea well packaged. rapid delivery.

Wayne Schaefer, Shorewood, United States

great tea great service

Carol Kortsch, Wheat Ridge, United States

All tea I’ve Purchased has been Excellent or Better, as well as quickness of order!

William Jodikinos, Suisun City, United States

I have a buying your teas for probably 2 years ....And I have been truly happy with the quality and the taste ....I will always buy my teas from Teabox



Quick deliver and extra samples

Christian Smith, Brockton, United States

1) User-friendly website for ordering
2) Good variety of fresh teas from different areas and single tea gardens. The teas are of excellent quality.
3) Good prices during sales, which occur throughout the year
4) Prompt shipping - I just received a package in Ohio in the USA that was shipped from India only 5 days ago.

Joseph Raver, Cincinnati, United States

Your service is prompt and the selection, excellent and good value.

JONATHAN HODGSON, Swarthmore, United States

good selection of tea, nice website, fast shipment, great tea!

Amy Huang, Brooklyn, United States

Teabox delivers on its promise of the freshest tea available.

Terry Kirts, Indianapolis, United States

Delivery was very fast and everything was packaged nicely.

Lucy Forbes, Pearl City, United States

I have recommended it many times.

Kathy Laney, Hicksville, United States

The selection of teas as well as the service and quick receipt of order once placed. Appreciate how it was packed as well.
My tea shop was out of all darjeelings and was not expecting anymore in till next summer!

Fern Weiss, Minneapolis, United States

Because your team is very professional, consumers open the tea, attached to the folder chain bag packaging, tea will not run away taste, pay attention to details

Chi-Ming Lee, Hsinchu, Taiwan

Love your tea and service!

Nancy Campbell, Gresham, United States

The best teas I have ever tasted.

Faris AlSubaie, Utah, United States

Quality + value; speedy delivery; great packaging; great descriptions along with specificity of season when leaves were harvested. Thanks!!

Robert C. Eaton, South Carolina, United States

Teabox is an excellent company supplying consumers like me with tea that's far superior to many I have tasted; thank you Teabox!

Uma Richmond, Indianapolis, United States

Because I love tea and can't wait to tell everyone about it!

Heather Lynn Hill, Illinois, United States

All the teas were delicious and arrived very quickly. I look forward to having amazing new teas every month.

Sasha Klock, Georgia, United States