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Why Buy Darjeeling tea Directly from Source ?

Discover the joy of drinking fresh, flavorful Indian teas - Straight from the tea gardens of Darjeeling.

5 reasons why you should buy Teabox's Direct from Source Darjeeling teas :


Curtailed the convoluted Supply Chain

Teabox shortens the traditional, long tea supply chain through direct sourcing and quick processing. Our unique procurement process ensures the teas reach our facility within 24 hours hours after being manufactured and are vacuum-packed within 3 hours of arrival at our facility, ensuring freshness for consumers. Experience the true essence of fresh tea with Teabox.


100% Transparent Procurement Process

At Teabox, buying directly gives you complete traceability and a fresher, more flavorful tea experience. We provide details like grade, picking date, cultivar, unique batch invoice number, season, and caffeine levels for complete transparency and elimination of intermediaries. Enjoy the true essence of tea with Teabox.


Returning Value Back to The Source

At Teabox, we work directly with tea estates and their community of 3.5 million pluckers to build a sustainable, equitable supply chain. Every order supports the people who grow, pluck, and process your tea, creating a better future for all involved in the industry. Buy directly from the source and make a positive impact.


Authentic Certified Teas

Buying tea directly from source is a key factor in guaranteeing the genuineness and standard of Specialty teas. All the teas we offer at Teabox undergo rigorous quality checks and the estates we source from adhere to strict quality certifications such as Rainforest Alliance, US FDA, JAS or Fair Trade; ensuring ethical and sustainable sourcing. Helping you enjoy a high-quality cup of tea!


Variety of Teas from over 57+ estates

At Teabox, we partner with a diverse group of tea estates in Darjeeling which boast over 100+ years of history. The differences in altitude, climate, soil type and rainfall in each estate creates its own signature flavor, aroma, and taste profile. Our close collaboration with these tea estates provides you access to rare teas, inviting you on a journey of tea discovery into the "Champagne of Teas" and expanding your tea-drinking horizons.


Hear from Fellow Teabox Steepers

Teabox Seeks to Bring Indian Teas into the Modern Era.

“Teabox is using modern technology to reinvent the centuries-old tea. ”  

“How teabox is Bringing Silicon Valley to The Darjeeling Tea Trade.”  

2868+ 5 Star Reviews


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