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Cinnamon Tea Blends


When they say variety is the spice of life, as a tea lover, we’re sure the first thing that would pop into your head would be Cinnamon flavored tea.


What is Cinnamon Tea?


Cinnamon tea is a healthy hot beverage prepared by cinnamon sticks into boiling water. Cinnamomum cassia is a common variety of cinnamon, however, there are various other spices within the genus that will offer similar benefits when blended with herbal teas.


Cinnamaldehyde, an active ingredient present in cinnamon, along with Coumarin, Linalool, Cinnamic acid, Proanthocyanidins, Catechins, and other powerful substances offer a lot of health benefits to your body. Adding cinnamon to your tea can help you access these substances and enjoy these health benefits.



What are the benefits of cinnamon tea?


Drinking cinnamon tea can have a positive effect on your body, let’s look at a few benefits of cinnamon tea.

1. Reduces blood sugar
2. Boosts Immune System
3. Improves Digestion
4. Reduces Inflammation
5. Boosts brain function
6. Alleviates pain from menstrual cramps



    Cinnamon Tea Blends


    Cinnamon tea by itself tastes great but when combined with ingredients like apple, honey or even ginger, can give you a warming cup of tea you’d relish.


    A few Cinnamon blends you should watch out for would include:


    Apple Cinnamon Tea: Made by combining the goodness of Cinnamon sticks and apple peels, this antioxidant tea not only has a welcoming aroma but also offers a number of health benefits. So if you like your tea a little spicy and a little sweet, you’ll find apple cinnamon tea very appealing.


    Cinnamon and Honey Tea: If you are craving a sweet and spicy beverage but still want to keep your calorie intake in check, cinnamon and honey tea is your go-to drink. The smoothness of honey mixed with the spicy taste of cinnamon tea produces a calming effect on the stomach and can also aid in weight loss.


    Orange Cinnamon Tea: Sweet orange flavors blended with the unmistakable aroma of Cinnamon when mixed with herbal tea, makes a delicious warming drink.


    A dash of Cinnamon added to your cup of tea on a crisp fall evening will help you enjoy the little joys of life. The flakiness of the Cinnamon can really help mask the taste of the herbal tea well, making it a healthy beverage every tea lover will enjoy.