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Luc Toussaint
Pursuing of a perfect tea

It's a never ending pursuit witch pass through your shop,
the Sikkim Temi Summer Chinary Black is a great direction in this search...
I will always be looking for this type of tea!

Detox Kahwa Green (Teabags)
Teabox -kahwa

This Green tea is very testy and most of people i serve, all are like this tea.
I am very thankful to you to maintain the quality of this products.


I am delighted with my purchase ! I love the teas they are so tasty and delivery was very quick

Hibiscus Lemongrass Tisane
Gnanasakthivel VP
Awesome Taste

Every sip tells the story of taste and freshens of tea.

Great way to try different teas!

I have been loving the different teas from TeaBox. My method is to throw the tea leaves into a French Press (I keep one for tea only) and let it steep, press down the plunger and enjoy the tea. I usually even pour more hot water in afterwards for a lighter but still tasty second brew. Each bag has a unique flavor. I have not dis-liked one yet!

Assam Masala

On a cold, late winter morning my Assam Masala chai hits the spot ~ such a calm relaxing start to my Sunday morning ~ the sun is up and Spring is around the corner 🩷☕️

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Anja Ehrecke
Well tasting tea selection

Delivered shortly after order as promised. Well packed. The teas are very tasty with with various herbs and natural flavours.


I was skeptical that this tea would taste that much better than other whole tea leaves I usually buy, but it was so good and fresh tasting. Definitely will continue to purchase teas from Teabox!

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Fanny Storlund
Luxurious selection

My order arrived safely, and I love the seidel glass cup. I've only tried three of the twelve teas thus far, and I've enjoyed them all. They're from a completely different world compared to the mainstream teas I'm used to, and the whole drinking experience is wholesome and almost spiritual. I hope I'll be able to order some of the other packages in the future! I'm especially curious of the chai samples.

What a treat!

I love chi but had never had it this good! The flavors are amazing!!

Cardamom is great!

Waynard cardamom tea brews up beautifully with a strong cardamom flavor. Excellent chai!!! I just love it!!!

The tea I have been searching for!

I have looked and tasted chai teas over a span of 30 years since coming back from Asia. Trying to find that marvelous tea that I had when there. I finally found it. The Assam Masala chai is terrific, and arrived in a very timely manner without any problem at all. I can’t wait to try more. Thank you.

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Andreas Schatzmann
Pure taste

So far I have only tasted a few of the many the came with my first order and I am glad to say, that every one of them was very tasteful. Definitely not my last order :-)

So far so good...

Only had the dandelion tea so far but it seems well made and well packaged. I am not an expert on Tea. I think these products are legit and will continue to buy.

Fresh, aromatic, and delicious. Everyone at work enjoys it too

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Almeda Miller

I am taking your advice, making the chai exactly like you told me to, and hitting pause in the day. Thankyou for the few moments of presence with some very subtle and elegant flavours.

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delshaun smith
two thumbs up!

quality , taste , energy after drinking, price and shipping times are all exceeded expectations


I have not had a chance to try them all but so far so good

We Love our Tea Box Tea ! The free gifts are Super & there is plenty of Tea to share. Ordering is easy. Customer support responsive. Shipping & tracking are great.

Excellent Tea

We are so pleased with our tea. It is quality tea that is flavorful and delicious.

Fantastic quality and freshness

Teas are fantastic

First time buyer here. I bought 5 different types of tea. All loose leaf. I have tried 4 of them so far. Green, Hibiscus/Cinn., Ashaganda, and Tumeric/Ginger. They all taste so fresh, and no bitterness. Love them all so far but the Hibiscus/Cinn. is a little strong for me. I love the tight sealing bags sent with the order too. Highly recommend Teabox

Very nice!

Beautiful cups! These make your tea look even more nicer than it already is.

So delicious! Perfect cup of Earl Grey

It smells & tastes better, it’s a subtle but significant difference from other teas

Excellent Tea

This is the best tea that I have had.