Find out why this Indian Tea Brand got featured by The New York Times, Forbes, CNN and Reuters?

Indian Teas take the world by storm - Teabox's direct sourcing approach revolutionizes the 200 year old tea industry and winning hearts globally for its Freshness and Quality.

By - J.Hall 23th August 2023


5 Star Reviews

2 Billion+ Cups. Shipped to 125 Countries


5 Star Reviews

2 Billion+ Cups. Shipped to 125 Countries

Teabox is transforming the tea industry by revolutionizing the way tea is sourced. With a commitment to direct sourcing and quick processing, Teabox has curtailed the convoluted supply chain that has persisted for centuries. Within 24 hours of being manufactured, their teas reach the facility and are vacuum-packed within 3 hours, ensuring unrivaled freshness.

Founder Kausshal Dugarr shares his inspiration: "My family has been involved in tea for about 100 plus years. As a kid, I used to visit tea gardens with my dad almost every weekend. And I felt that everyone who worked in the tea garden is a magician." This passion led to a vision of transforming an industry that hadn't changed in 200 years. Teabox's transparency is unmatched.

They provide complete traceability with details like grade, picking date, cultivar, batch invoice number, season, and caffeine levels. By eliminating intermediaries, Teabox offers a fresher, more flavorful tea experience, truly connecting consumers with the essence of tea.

Teabox's impact extends beyond its consumers. Working directly with tea estates and their community of 3.5 million pluckers, they create a sustainable and equitable supply chain. Every order supports the growers, pluckers, and processors, improving lives and building a better future for the industry.


Teabox's commitment to authenticity is exemplified through rigorous quality checks and adherence to certifications such as Rainforest Alliance, US FDA, JAS, and Fair Trade. They ensure ethical and sustainable sourcing, guaranteeing a high-quality cup of tea.

With partnerships with 57+ tea estates, Teabox offers an unmatched selection. Each estate's unique characteristics create signature flavors, aromas, and tastes, expanding tea-drinking horizons and inviting consumers on a journey of discovery.

Teabox has caught the attention of prestigious publications like The New York Times, Forbes, CNN, and Reuters. Through their direct sourcing approach, Teabox is redefining the tea industry, bringing freshness, transparency, sustainability, and authentic experiences to tea enthusiasts worldwide.

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