Find out how this Indian tea brand is rescuing millions of Tea Lovers from being fooled by Tea Giants!

Exposing the secret to authentic Darjeeling teas - Teabox Emphasizes the Role of Direct Sourcing. Thousands of Tea Lovers across the globe Already Benefitted!

By - S.Miller 12th June 2023


5 Star Reviews

Made and shipped from India Shipping is quick : 7 - 8 Days


5 Star Reviews

Made and shipped from India
Shipping is quick : 7 - 8 Days

I've always been a tea enthusiast, seeking that perfect cup that tantalizes the taste buds and transports me to a world of flavors. For years, I explored countless teas, but something was missing. It wasn't until I discovered Teabox that I realized the true essence of Darjeeling teas and the transformative power of direct sourcing from the source.

The first time I brewed a cup of Teabox's Darjeeling tea, I knew there was something special about it.

Curiosity led me to delve deeper into Teabox's approach. I learned that they curtail the convoluted supply chain, ensuring that their teas reach their facility within 24 hours of being manufactured. This quick processing and vacuum-packing guarantee an unparalleled freshness that sets Teabox apart from the rest.

What truly impressed me about Teabox was their commitment to transparency. They believe in sharing the story behind each cup, providing details like grade, picking date, cultivar, and even the unique batch invoice number. This transparency not only instills confidence but also deepens the connection between tea lovers and the tea estates. It's like having a conversation with the very people who dedicate their lives to crafting these remarkable teas.


But Teabox's impact goes beyond just the tea itself. I realized that I was returning value back to the roots. Teabox works directly with tea estates and the communities of pluckers, creating a sustainable and equitable supply chain.

It gave my tea-drinking experience a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Authenticity was another aspect that stood out with Teabox. Their teas undergo rigorous quality checks, and the estates they source from adhere to stringent certifications such as Rainforest Alliance, US FDA, JAS, or Fair Trade. I no longer had to question the quality or origin of my teas.

Teabox's extensive selection of teas from over 57 estates was a revelation, and once I realized the freshness and quality difference of tea straight from the source, I quickly placed my order. And it turns out, I wasn't the only one. They've already sold more than 10,000 units in 121+ countries.

Important Update: Here's where to get Teabox.

A lot of you have asked where to get these teas from. Naturally I would recommend their official website - and I suggest you act quickly too.

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