Would you consume fruits and vegetables which are 6 months old? Then why Tea?

Find out how this Indian tea brand is rescuing millions worldwide - Teabox's direct sourcing approach revolutionizes the 200 year old tea industry and winning hearts globally for its Freshness and Quality.

By - J.Hall 3rd November 2023


5 Star Reviews

2 Billion+ Cups. Shipped to 125 Countries


5 Star Reviews

2 Billion+ Cups. Shipped to 125 Countries

In a world where we prioritize freshness in what we consume, it's time to turn our attention to a beverage that has been a staple for centuries - Tea. Despite being the 2nd most consumed beverage globally after water, we've often overlooked the importance of freshness when it comes to tea. Teabox, a trailblazer in the Indian tea industry, challenges this complacency by drawing parallels between tea and fruits/vegetables.

We've long accepted that the taste and nutritional value of our fruits and vegetables diminish over time. Yet, when it comes to tea, a beverage that is also an agricultural product and equally sensitive to time and storage conditions, we've perhaps been a bit too complacent


Teabox's mission is simple but impactful: to offer tea that's as fresh as our vibrant produce. Teabox founder Kausshal Dugarr says, " I was shocked to know that most of our teas are atleast 6months old if not more. I was fooled all my life by these big tea companies. Upon more research I also found that they exchange hands and environment more than we can imagine. Tea is an agricultural product like our fruits and vegetables. If not stored well they get spoiled just like tea. Since tea is hygroscopic it becomes even more important to keep it an environment which is conducive to maintain it flavor and aroma."

He grew up amidst tea gardens and experienced teas at their freshest. He noticed a lack of good quality Darjeeling tea in his travels, prompting him to establish Teabox in 2015. This venture challenged the norms of the tea industry and resulted in a cutting-edge facility in Siliguri, equipped with technology to maintain tea's freshness. By partnering directly with tea estates and eliminating intermediaries, Teabox not only guarantees quality but also promotes ethical sourcing and sustainability, backed by certifications like Rainforest Alliance, US FDA, JAS, and Fair Trade.

The impact of Teabox goes beyond taste; with 57+ tea estate partnerships, they offer a diverse range of flavors and aromas, akin to exploring a farmer's market. This approach not only enhances the tea-drinking experience but also supports growers' livelihoods.

Teabox urges us to consider the journey our tea takes to reach our cup, just as we do with our fruits and vegetables. The choice is clear: embrace a fresher, more flavorful tea experience with Teabox, a brand that prioritizes quality and sustainability, or settle for teas that may have lost their freshness along the way. Transform your tea ritual with Teabox and savor every sip as nature intended.

Important Update:

A lot of you have asked where to get these teas from. Naturally I would recommend their official website - and I suggest you act quickly too.

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