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Clear Tea Mug

An all-in-one mug that lets you steep and drink. And hold a great cup of conversation.


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Steep and sip your favorite tea with complete ease. This perfect little contraption is a one-stop-steep mug that holds a little more tea than a regular teacup, comes with a coaster that can hold the infuser or be used to keep your tea warm. Seamlessly blending with every space and setting, this tea mug is all you need apart from some fine leaves and warm water for the perfect infusion.


  • material Glass
  • volume 15.21 ml
  • height 5.11 cm
  • diameter 3.14 cm
  • Color Transparent

care instructions

  • Microwave safe (not infuser)
  • Dishwasher safe. Lid and strainer should be washed separately by hand.
  • microwave




    how to use

    • Spoon desired quantity of tea leaves into the infuser.
    • Place infuser within the mug.
    • Add recently boiled water over tea leaves.
    • Cover the mug with lid and allow the leaves to steep.
    • When tea is ready, remove infuser to avoid over steeping. You may use the lid as a coaster to hold the infuser.