Artisan Muslin Teabags (Pack of 30)


Enjoy your steaming cup of tea like royalty with the Teabox Muslin Teabags. Made out of unbleached, 100% scoured cotton, these pouches can hold your leaves as they add exquisite color and flavor to the tea.


  • material Fabric
  • breadth 2.9 in
  • height 2.5 in
  • sku TMTGF

how to use

  • Spoon desired quantity of tea leaves into a muslin bag.
  • Pull strings to fasten the bag.
  • Place bag inside a teacup and slowly pour recently boiled water over it.
  • When tea is ready, remove bag and keep aside.
  • Clean out contents to reuse bag.

4 Reviews


March 31, 2017

Simply wonderful

My order arrived today and I opened the little box with the Muslin Tea Bags. They are simply wonderful. So sweet! They are well-made with no hanging threads or open seams. The color of the cloth is a light beige. When used the tea will probably stain the wee bags darker. But that will be part of their charm as they can be used again and again. I want to use them with other spices, perhaps to make chai as well. I think they are big enough for one cup of tea or so as the tea leaves do expand when the hot water is added. I really do recommend these sweet tea bags for anyone who wants to make tea with tea bags but wants to choose their preferred tea!


March 4, 2016

These are great!

Nothing bad about them. Very strong bags. Easily reusable. A lot better than using a metal infused.


Aug. 25, 2015

Very handy and genuinely useful

Very well made, reusable teabags. Pretty large too, can be used to make a whole pot of tea. Excellent value for money.


June 22, 2015


these are the cutest little bags i've ever seen and to think that they are reusable well, that makes these even more appealing..:) m so very glad i got them..thanks teabox :) i can now not only steep my tea in them but also use these to steep masala in my biryanis, curries and other stuff.... and i can use them use after use :) awesome isn't it?? must go for these guys...:)

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