Valencia Glass Teacup


The fluid shape and elemental charm of this clear glass tea mug makes for elegant sipping. Its double-walled design not only insulates you tea but cases the brew beautifully. Sleek, striking, lightweight and comfortable to hold, this tea mug is perfect for teas both hot and iced.

About this product:

  • Heat-resistant, double-walled design.
  • Light weight cup with a comfortable grip.
  • Made of high-quality borosilicate glass.
  • Temperature Range: 0°C to 100°C

    • material Glass
    • volume 8.0 fl oz
    • height 3.5 in
    • diameter 3.0 in
    • sku BCUP1
    • Color Transparent







    2 Reviews


    July 11, 2017

    Not just for tea.....its my sundowner single malt glass too!

    Ordered 1 at first and then re-ordered another 5! Double glass is perfect for hot and cold liquids. Clear glass makes it possible to view the golden tea liquor which only enhances the tea drinking experience. Despite containing hot liquid its very comfortable to hold as the double glass prevents heat from reaching the fingers when one graspes the container. Post sundown works superbly well as a whisky glass!! Again the double glass prevents condensation, makes the ice lasts longer hence a single malt on the rocks doesn't get diluted with melted ice! All in all a winner all the way !


    Aug. 3, 2016

    Mkes wonderful tea presentable in majestic way

    Likes : Freshness, Unique Flavor Profile.

    Best Served : Anytime, Morning.

    I am extremely impressed with quality of cups. I would strongly suggest that you also include serving trays ----of high quality glass ----if one buys a set of 6 cups

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