Castleton Moonlight Summer White Tea


Fine, fresh and floral, this summer white tea from Castleton is a real palate pleaser. Throughout the length of the flavor profile this tea one can experience heady floral aromatics, especially nuances of orange blossom, lily and orchid. A citrus tang, notably of lemongrass, shores up the sweet floral quality of this tea and the velvety-smooth texture of the liquor makes the overall experience of the delectably luxe brew highly refreshing.

the experience



Vibrant notes of orange blossom and lily, mild citrus hints


Light gold


Exploding with fruity sweetness, top flavors in this tea are anxious and unrestrained. Intoxicating notes of orange blossom and lily take over the senses towards the end, getting stronger by the sip and lingering long into the finish.


Food with mild flavors such as wild mushroom and morel.

dry leaf


Bouquet of forest pine and holy basil, hint of cream


Whole leaf, lightly rolled chocolate brown leaves with plenty of ivory tips



Upraised perfume of orange blossom, orchid and citrus


Burnt sienna, fully opened leaves

steeping notes

cold filtered O2 Rich Water


Tea Leaves



6 fl oz

185-194 oF

2.75 tsp / 2.5 g

5 Mins

Recommended number of steeps - two


Drink Plain

Jun 29, 2015

16 Reviews


  • Unique Flavor Profile 11
  • Great Aroma 8
  • Freshness 7
  • Smooth Body 5
  • High Quality 4


  • Bitter if Over-Steeped 1
  • No Flavor 0
  • Strong 0
  • Weak 0

Best Served

  • Afternoon 4
  • Evening 3
  • Anytime 3
  • Dessert Tea 2
  • Morning 2


Sept. 25, 2016

GREAT for anytime

Likes : Great Aroma, Smooth Body.

This is one of my favorite teas. Good aroma. I like teas that have a hint of citrus or floral without being over powering.


Aug. 27, 2016

delicate tea

Likes : Smooth Body, Unique Flavor Profile.

Dislikes : Bitter if Over-Steeped.

Best Served : Anytime.

This tea does not have as much of a floral aroma as other white teas. The flavors are subtle, but be careful. If over brewed, it will have a bitter taste. Adjust water temperature carefully. I would recommend this tea. I rate this as an "advanced" tea due to the price and the care you need to brew a good pot, but the results are worth it if you do it right.


April 19, 2016

Finally. a tea I enjoy!

Likes : Unique Flavor Profile.

This tea was light and refreshing. It had an aroma that was enjoyable, and it was not bitter or grassy at all. Reviewed as part of theTeabox subscription program.


April 13, 2016

Sweetly floral with an orange blossom finish

Likes : Freshness, Smooth Body, High Quality, Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Afternoon, Evening.

Very nice white tea. Flowery sweet to start with an orange hint at the finish. The liquor rolls silkily through the mouth. Very subtle aroma. Great blend for reading in the evening.


March 19, 2016

Very enjoyable!

Likes : Great Aroma, Unique Flavor Profile.

Another lovely white tea with a slight citrus bite. Reviewed as part of theTeabox subscription program.


March 16, 2016

smooth, complex

Likes : Freshness, Great Aroma, Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Evening.

This tea boasts a delightful aroma--a mixture of jasmine and peach to my nose at least. After brewing it takes on a lovely saffron and pink hue, and the peach taste intensifies, accompanied by floral undertones. It is neither especially sweet nor astringent. Very smooth, absolutely delicious. I would definitely buy this again.


Nov. 15, 2015

Light, lovely tea

Likes : Unique Flavor Profile.

I really enjoyed this one as well. I don't always drink a lot of white tea, but this was subtle and lovely. Reviewed as part of the Teabox subscription program.


Sept. 15, 2015

A good one

Likes : Great Aroma.

Best Served : Morning.

I loved this unique tea. It tastes lovely, almost plummy, and gets very smooth as it goes on.


Sept. 6, 2015

Best white tea I have ever tasted

Likes : Freshness, Great Aroma, Unique Flavor Profile.

This white tea has got to be the most delicious white tea I have ever tasted. It has a very unique plummy flavour with a floral lightness and a very smooth texture. Not only is it extremely fresh when I received it the best part is that it is very low in caffeine so that it can be drunk at any time without causing any caffeine related anxieties like other teas.


Sept. 4, 2015


A lovely invoice from Castleton, although perhaps a bit over-graded (such is not unusual for the Goodricke gardens in general, though). That said, this "white" is certainly a nice example of the type of tippy clonal bush "moonlight" grades which the garden is justifiably known for. The price is not bad at all (comparing, say, a similar invoice from Mariage Frères for example). Should be noted: this is to be had now; these teas do not age well as all. Now if only the vendor could get similar offerings from Makaibari; perhaps in a few more years or so!


Aug. 19, 2015


Likes : Freshness, Great Aroma, Unique Flavor Profile.

I loved this unique tea. It tastes lovely, almost plummy, and gets very smooth as it goes on (I brewed it like a Chinese white tea though, rather than a Darjeeling).


Aug. 15, 2015

Beautiful tea

Likes : Freshness, Great Aroma, Smooth Body, High Quality, Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Anytime.

Very unique, compared to Chinese white teas. I brewed it as I would those, and it was just lovely. It started off with hints of fruitiness, almost like plum, and it got smoother and a little maltier with each infusion. I shared with a tea connoisseur friend, and he was very impressed with it.


May 4, 2015

Spectacular Drinking Experience

Likes : Freshness.

Best Served : Anytime.

This tea has a delightful flavor that can be drank any time during the day. It is also a white tea that does not contain enough caffeine to cause the anxiety that other types of tea or coffee can. It is easy to tell just by looking at the tea leaf that there has been a tremendous amount of care and effort that goes into creating this product.


Dec. 29, 2014

Afternoon tea

Likes : Great Aroma, High Quality, Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Afternoon, Dessert Tea.

Favorite afternoon tea; light yet full of delicate flavor


Sept. 19, 2014


Likes : Smooth Body, High Quality.

Best Served : Afternoon, Evening.

An excellent white, complex with plenty of underlying texture. Better served once it has cooled slightly. Reccomended.


Aug. 27, 2014

Floral, herbal, light but complex

Likes : Freshness, Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Morning, Afternoon, Dessert Tea.

This tea surprised me. I love Castleton but have never had a white tea before. This tea was light in color and flavor but complex. I enjoyed the floral, herbal notes equally when it was hot and when it had cooled slightly.

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