Margaret's Hope Classic Spring Black Tea


The Margaret’s Hope estate produces some of the most crisp and clean-flavored Darjeelings we've ever tasted. If you are not already a follower of their teas, you might want to try this classic black. Like the best Darjeeling first flush teas, it has briskness and bright flavors. A great choice of morning tea.

the experience



Herbaceous with a brushed sweetness; marked by notes of yellow stone fruit, citrus, and fennel.




The liquor starts out brisk, turning floral and woodsy in the middle. Notes of aromatic white flowers and firewood become discernible and gain strength progressively. Raw guava-like notes appear in the finish.


A light breakfast of buttered toast and eggs.

dry leaf


Toasty and creamy


Lightly-rolled, blackish-brown twisted leaves with grass green flakes.



Mellow note of cooked beans and a hint of citrus


Dark olive green leaves with brown hues

steeping notes

cold filtered O2 Rich Water


Tea Leaves



6 fl oz

185-194 oF

1.5 tsp / 2.5 g

5 mins

Recommended number of steeps - one



Drink Plain


Apr 04, 2016

19 Reviews


  • High Quality 15
  • Freshness 14
  • Great Aroma 11
  • Smooth Body 10
  • Unique Flavor Profile 10


  • Bitter if Over-Steeped 1
  • Weak 1
  • No Flavor 0
  • Strong 0

Best Served

  • Anytime 10
  • Afternoon 4
  • Morning 2
  • Evening 1
  • Dessert Tea 0


Feb. 20, 2017

A solid black tea

Likes : Freshness, Smooth Body.

Honestly, this tastes like just another black tea to me. The only black that really had a particular flavor so far has been the lavender one. I bought some honey & lemon "spoons" over the weekend and tried one out in my tea this morning, so that might have changed the profile a bit. But not by much.


Jan. 8, 2017

Almost 5 stars

Likes : Freshness, High Quality, Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Anytime.

This is very much the kind of tea I like, subtle, strong, distinctive and complex. Not sure why I did not go for 5 stars. Perhaps I dream about something even more perfect and transcendent which is out there somewhere hoping to be found ?


Dec. 11, 2016


Likes : Freshness, High Quality, Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Morning, Afternoon.

Wonderful Darjeeling! Light, fruit and floral taste. Lingering unique aftertaste. Will definitely order again.


Nov. 21, 2016


Likes : Freshness, Great Aroma, Smooth Body, High Quality, Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Afternoon, Evening.

Delightful first flush Darjeeling: light, floral, very smooth, with a persistent aftertaste. Quality stuff!


Sept. 23, 2016

Amazing First Flush

Likes : Freshness, Great Aroma, Smooth Body, High Quality, Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Anytime.

An incredible experience to drink and share this tea with friends. Margaret's Hope is my personal all time favorite favorite beverage, all things considered. I drink it every day for inspiration. It is exceptionally floral, and when brewed perfectly, has an everlasting finish. It clearly relays to it's drinker it is a special leaf heralding from some of Earth's most harmonious Spring purity. Flavors so distinct, so citrusy and metallic can only be forged from a powerful convergence of natural elements-deep ancient roots tapping mountain peak minerals, an heirloom ecosystem drenching the garden with fertility, Himalayan lightening infused deluges with top of the world sunshine blasts, and generations of human admiration for and sacrifice to this most beautiful of the planet's hillsides. Definitely drink it by itself. Long live Margaret's Hope!


July 17, 2016

Enchanting Darjeeling aroma

Likes : Freshness, Great Aroma.

Dislikes : Weak.

Best Served : Anytime.

The brew is a bit light but it has the enchanting Darjeeling aroma. One of my favorites.


July 12, 2016

vegetal and floral aroma

Likes : Great Aroma, Smooth Body, High Quality.

Best Served : Anytime.

This is my favourite among the black teas I ordered. It has a sweet, crisp aroma, and a fruity-floral taste. I tried it with cakes and cinnamon buns, and it's perfect!


June 8, 2016

Whisky at night, Margaret the rest of the day !

Likes : Great Aroma, Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Anytime.

I am a diehard citrus flavour man and havent found another tea come close to Margaret's Hope. It is weak but a pinch of Assam sets that right ...


June 2, 2016

Another winner from MH

Likes : Freshness, Great Aroma, Smooth Body, High Quality, Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Anytime.

Aroma on opening was complex with tea, floral and fruit notes present in complex layers. Steeping released even stronger aromas as above. Cupping this tea was an absolute delight. The floral notes being both forward and lingering on the palate. Tannins are very nicely balanced and the hints of fruit were nicely piquant. Another excellent tea from Margaret's Hope ...highly recommended.


Dec. 29, 2015


Likes : Freshness, Great Aroma, Smooth Body, High Quality, Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Anytime.

Wonderful - from scent to taste to lingering glorious aftertaste - this is one amazing tea! The quality is outstanding and is evident as it starts to brew. This was my first tea from Margaret's Hope Tea Estate, and I will be getting more!

Kirsty Headlong

Dec. 17, 2015

Great example of first flush darjeeling

Likes : Freshness, Smooth Body, High Quality.

Dislikes : Bitter if Over-Steeped.

Best Served : Afternoon.

Floral and citrus all in one go. Nice strength and body. And reasonably priced for the quality. Great afternoon tea for me.


Dec. 6, 2015

Very aromatic afternoon tea

Likes : Freshness, Great Aroma, High Quality.

Best Served : Afternoon.

I brewed this tea at a higher temperature (95-100 degree Celsius). This resulted in a wonderful jasmine aroma that was very enjoyable. At a lower brewing temperature, this tea is still quite flowery, though the aroma is not jasmine. In summary, a very enjoyable tea for the afternoon.


July 14, 2015

Excellent First Flush!

Likes : High Quality.

This tea tastes like champagne. It has a very complex flavor profile and provides just the right amount of caffeine to get me up and running for the day. I usually like to brew the leaves 2-3 times and they never seem to fully lose their flavor. I truly enjoy drinking this tea almost every day. I will need to stock up mo

Oyvind Saanum Eithun

June 22, 2015

Great for its price

Likes : High Quality.

Aroma slightly spicy with flowers and lemon. Maybe a little cherry too. Taste fruity and appealing. In the finish a little astringency kicks in. The cherry notes comes back as well. Lingering and appealing. I do not think I have tasted a better tea for this price, but Jungpana etc. betters it.

Robert Campanile

May 28, 2015

Wonderful expereince

Likes : Freshness, Great Aroma, Smooth Body, High Quality, Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Anytime.

This tea brews quite easy and has a wonderful full flavor. I do taste the orange and some apricot notes coming through. I set the temperature at 83 c added 5 grams of leaf into 7 ounces of water. Steeped it for six minutes. This one is a keeper!


Feb. 20, 2015

Not as good as the MH White

I was expecting a tea that, while perhaps now the caliber of Margaret's Hope White, that would be close. It is a fine black tea, but did not amaze me. However, their description is very accurate - this tea falls more on the side of herbs, spiciness, and slightly savory (with its astringency), than a sweet fruit- or flowery tea. I think it would indeed stand up well to sugar and/or milk.


Nov. 27, 2014

Typical First Flush

Likes : Freshness, Great Aroma, Smooth Body, High Quality, Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Anytime.

This tea also great aroma of First Flush(FF) with no astringent. A good example of FF tea, with glassy aroma(flowely aroma). You can get add elegance with this tea.


Sept. 13, 2014

The more I drink this tea, the more I love it.

Likes : Freshness, Great Aroma, High Quality, Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Anytime.

The Teabox description is quite accurate. This tea is spicy, and floral, with a slightly astringent finish. When I first had it, I was skeptical about the claim that "it calls out for milk and sugar." I usually drink it plain, but I tried it with sweetened soy milk and and it was indeed very good. It is the astringent finish that distinguishes this tea from some other first flush, lightly oxidized, Darjeeling teas that are too light and delicate for this kind of treatment. All around great tea!


July 16, 2014

Probably my favourite tea

Likes : Freshness, Smooth Body, High Quality.

Best Served : Morning.

I really like this tea. I keep it for special occasions. The flavour is clean and the color is quite lovely. It is more refined than the summer plucking, which is already very good.