Paan Rose Green
Paan Rose Green
Paan Rose Green
Paan Rose Green
Paan Rose Green
Paan Rose Green
Paan Rose Green
Paan Rose Green
Paan Rose Green
Paan Rose Green


Paan Rose Green

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A celebratory blend replete with refreshing indigenous flavors of paan with aromatic notes of rose.

Type:Tin (1 Tin Pack = 100gm/3.5 oz)
Quantity :1 Pack (1 Tin Pack = 100gm/3.5 oz)
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Freshness Journey

The only close-to-source facility in India. Teabox's unique procurement process have our teas arrive within just 3 hrs after direct sourcing from the garden. On arrival, they are sealed and packed within 48 hrs, ready to be shipped to your doorstep - The world's freshest Indian teas.
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    18th-19th Dec'23

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    Sorted & Cleaned
    Within 24 hours of manufacture at the estate we receive our teas.

    20th Dec'23

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    Blended at Teabox
    We sort the tea according to its grade, to ensure only whole leaves are sent to you, not the fannings and dust.

    21st Dec'23

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    Vacuum Packed
    We vacuum pack to preserve the freshness of your teas from its 4 enemies - Light, heat, moisture and oxygen.

    21st Dec'23

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    Stored @ -5°c
    Teabox is the only brand to have a cold chain processing facility in Darjeeling, that allows teas to be stored at -5°C (at 3-4% moisture levels) to preserve and enhance the shelf life.

    21st Dec'23

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    Ready to Ship

    22nd Dec'23



Time Of Day Recommended Time to Savor For The Best Tea Experience Evening



Lifted notes of sweet fennel along with appetizing tones of paan and hints of rose




A light-bodied, pleasant supple cup which reverberates with delectable notes of paan right from the start and hums along throughout the length. Mellow tones of sweet fennel are discernible towards the middle, rendering an invigorating feeling and completing the paan flavor. Furtive waves of mint come through around the edges, which however ebb to finish on lingering aftertaste of “paan”.


Top Note


Heart Note

Sweet fennel

Base Note

Mint and Paan


Green Tea

Green Cardamom



Cardamom Flavor

Rose Petals

Kewra flavor

Meetha Paan Flavor

Sweet Fennel