Ideal Teaspoon


Bid adieu to fumbling for the right teaspoon to measure your tea with. The Teabox Ideal Teaspoon will scoop out just the perfect amount of tea for you to make the best cuppa. Be it blends or just tea, make a great cup of tea every time.


  • material Stainless Steel
  • volume 0.17 fl oz
  • length 12.5 in
  • sku TITG

3 Reviews


Dec. 27, 2015


I just love this little spoon. It's perfect mesure for tea, great material and light.


Nov. 13, 2015

Practical and elegant

Very nice spoon for measuring loose leaf tea. I like quite heavy and well balanced it is.


Aug. 25, 2015

Well made and surprisingly useful

I really enjoy using mine. It's perfect for measuring tealeaves.