Lopchu Golden Orange Pekoe Black Tea


This exotic second flush black tea from Lopchu plantation in Darjeeling is distinct for its complex, earthy characteristics.
The coppery liquor is enjoyably full-bodied and emits a calming, earthy aroma that simply mesmerizes. This earthy, warm clay-like quality is further reflected in the taste, accompanied by notable hints of sweetness and berry-like nuances. Finishing on a sweet, fruity note, this summer black tea is for all seasons.

the experience



Earthy, smoky, woody and sweet like fruits




An earthy sweetness interlaced with a bright flavor of berries and finishing note of firewood almost feels like dry red wine on the palate. Yet, the tea lacks any tannic astringency and flows smoothly.


Ideal for food with strong flavors such as cheddar and dark chocolate.

dry leaf


Notably dry and woody


Dark chocolate brown



Balanced notes of dark chocolate, bark, raisin, ink, and geranium


Chocolate brown to reddish-brown

steeping notes

cold filtered O2 Rich Water


Tea Leaves



6 fl oz

185-194 oF

1.5 tsp / 2.5 g

5 Mins

Recommended number of steeps - one


Drink Plain




May 20, 2016

14 Reviews


  • Great Aroma 11
  • High Quality 10
  • Freshness 10
  • Unique Flavor Profile 7
  • Smooth Body 6


  • Strong 2
  • Bitter if Over-Steeped 1
  • No Flavor 0
  • Weak 0

Best Served

  • Afternoon 6
  • Anytime 6
  • Morning 3
  • Dessert Tea 1
  • Evening 1


Jan. 27, 2017

hints of melasse and burned syrup.

Likes : Great Aroma, High Quality.

Dislikes : Strong.

Best Served : Anytime, Afternoon, Dessert Tea.

wonderful bold tea. Warm, spicy, with hints of melasse and honey. A keeper for me.


Dec. 12, 2016

Wonderful flavour!

Likes : Freshness, Great Aroma, High Quality.

Best Served : Anytime.

This is my favourite tea from tea box so far. It has a very refreshing unique aroma. You have to experience it to feel it. I love the smell of the leaves after steeping my tea. Even if you over-steep it, it doesn't go bitter. You can hardly go wrong with it! A must try!


May 25, 2016

Complex tea; great aftertaste

Likes : Freshness, Great Aroma, Smooth Body, High Quality.

Best Served : Afternoon.

Great aroma; complex flavor. Very smooth. Wonderful with honey.


April 25, 2016

Smooth and Earthy

Likes : Freshness, Great Aroma, Smooth Body, High Quality.

Best Served : Morning, Afternoon.

A smooth orange pekoe, that has a lovely chocolate aroma, and an earthy taste with hints of clay, but not overly so.


Jan. 5, 2016

Quality OP

Likes : Freshness, High Quality.

Best Served : Anytime.

A very good orange pekoe - tastes like TEA.


Dec. 26, 2015

Just perfect with its the sweet after taste

Likes : Great Aroma, High Quality, Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Morning, Afternoon.

Have been drinking this for a really long time. Picked up the taste from my grand-dad who has been only drinking this tea for years together. Dark liquor in the cup and a sharp nose in the infusion. Great aroma if rightly steeped. I prefer it with a dash of milk and no sugar. Refreshing enough to kick-start your day. Also works just fine other times of the day to just relax and enjoy the unique taste and aroma.


Sept. 8, 2015

Smoky, Earthy . . . Delectable

Likes : Great Aroma, Unique Flavor Profile.

I fell in love with this tea and would drink it every day, if I didn't want to savor every last bit of it. The leaves smell like chocolate, and when brewed the taste is so unique. It's earthy and smoky, yet not bitter in the least. My favorite tea out of the three I received....I will order more, and I highly recommend it.


Aug. 27, 2015

Great taste

Likes : Great Aroma, Unique Flavor Profile.

Dislikes : Strong.

Great appearance of tea. I have not ever made tea that way before, without a bag, I think it steeps better and is interesting to see what the tea leaves look like.


Aug. 23, 2015


Likes : Freshness, Great Aroma, Unique Flavor Profile.

My mother and I are both huge fans of orange pekoe tea. It's lovely in the summer and getting this as a sample made this whole box experience completely worth it. Great tea.


May 14, 2015

A delicious Darjeeling tea

Likes : Freshness, Smooth Body, High Quality.

Best Served : Afternoon, Evening.

This is the fourth/fifth Teabox tea I have served to my husband. This is his second favorite. He loves the aroma and taste. Drinks it w/sugar which he says makes it the perfect tea. Once he tasted the Lopchu Flowery, which is his first choice now, he was smitten all over again. I don't think any tea on the planet can outrank Teabox teas.

Dr. J

March 4, 2015

Makes excellent substrate for masala chai

Likes : Freshness, Great Aroma, Smooth Body, High Quality, Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Anytime.

Fresh, aromatic, earthy... makes a perfect black tea base for my preference for Northern Indian masala chai. Highly suggest trying it! Will continue to use for now, until something better arises!


Feb. 26, 2015

the little tea that could

Likes : Freshness, Smooth Body, High Quality, Unique Flavor Profile.

Best Served : Anytime.

Not as aromatic as some other teas that are offered, but the taste was a wonderful surprise. The liquor is dark and holds up well to the addition of milk and sugar. The taste is slightly astringent, but the flavor notes shine through to make a very well rounded cup of tea. A must try for even the novice tea drinker.


Jan. 25, 2015

Perfect morning or afternoon

Likes : Freshness, Great Aroma, Smooth Body, High Quality.

Best Served : Morning, Afternoon.

This is just a wonderful tea, a rich Darjeeling with no bitterness. Smooth and delicious. One of my favorites.

Dr R Sharma

July 9, 2014

aroma enough to wait the five minutes

Likes : Freshness, Great Aroma, Unique Flavor Profile.

Dislikes : Bitter if Over-Steeped.

Best Served : Anytime.

I bought a few samples and was sent some samples gratis. It really only was a choice between the flowery and golden orange pekoe; I went for the golden orange pekoe. The aroma and taste are just so great