Finum Paper Tea Filters (Pack 100)

$ 5.99


Now you can enjoy the convenience of a tea bag without having to compromise on the quality of tea. Perfect for single servings of tea, these biodegradable paper filters are ideal for steeping tea when you don’t have an infuser or a kettle around. Simply spoon desired amount of tea leaves into the filter, place it in your teapot or cup, and pour recently boiled water over it. Once ready, simply toss the tea filter and enjoy the tea. Now you can make your own tea bag, anytime, anywhere.


  • material Paper
  • length 18.2 in
  • breadth 8.2 in
  • sku FFL100

how to use

  • Spoon desired quantity of tea leaves into the paper filter.
  • Place the filter into a teapot/teacup.
  • Hold the flap on top of the filter and bend it over the sides of the teapot/teacup to secure it.
  • Pour recently boiled water over the filter to steep tea.
  • When tea is ready, remove filter to avoid over steeping. Discard filter after use.

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