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Our range of gift boxes are elegantly packed, gorgeous to look at, and packed with the freshest indian teas.

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Why is Teabox the Freshest Tea Store?

We have devised a unique tea sourcing process. We work with the iconic tea gardens of India, and we procure teas within 24 to 48 hours of sampling and keep them under 3-4% moisture levels. Next, we hand sort and clean the whole leaves for impurities, before we vacuum pack and store them in a controlled dehumidified environment. This guarantees their freshness.

Not to distributors. Not to resellers. But to tea drinkers.

Uniting the richest flavors of the finest teas with the curious, the cultivated, and the adventurous, all over the world. The freshest tea you’ve ever tasted, from crop to cup. There is simply no simpler way to experience the wonderful complexity of tea.

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Founders Story

Know how one man's search for a good Darjeeling tea disrupted a 200-year-old industry

Our Commitment To Planet Earth

By 2024, we have pledged to reduce our plastic consumption by 80%..

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India has 3 main tea growing regions that is home to 129,000 tea plantations. We only source from heritage tea estates owned by tea farmers to deliver the freshest teas. From brisk Assam tea to the many vibrant flavors of Jasmine tea - India's pride - we carry them all.

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The difference between us and other brands is that we deliver fresh tea directly to you from the tea estate. We bypass auction houses and middlemen to cut the time it takes for tea to reach you down from 6 months to 7 days. Yes, you can buy tea online elsewhere at reduced prices, but we guarantee their tea will not be as fresh as ours, which means it will not be as flavourful. And our model is designed so that purchasing our teas also directly benefits both the tea estates and the lives of those that pick them.

We pack our teas in Siliguri, the heart of the tea-growing region in India, located just one and a half hours away from Darjeeling.

Whole leaf tea is the highest grade of tea. It contains more catechins and antioxidants, and can be steeped multiple times. There are also -

Brokens, which are small-sized crushed leaves that are left over after producing whole leaf tea -

Fannings, which is inferior-grade tea made up of small particles and is often mass-produced -

Dust, which is the lowest grade tea that should be discarded as waste but is often used commercially by tea companies to reduce cost. It contains few natural benefits, and can be bitter in taste.

No. All teas don't have caffeine. Tisanes contain 0% caffeine making them ideal for tea lovers who are on the lookout for a healthy option. Made with herbs and flowers, some of our popular tisanes include Pure Chamomile, Blue Amore, Hibiscus lemongrass, and many more, and are an excellent choice for evenings and bed-time. Browse our range of caffeine-free, fresh herbal teas.

Tea is not perishable, but it can deteriorate in quality if not stored right. Always store your teas in a sealed, airtight container that blocks our light and contains no moisture. Keep your tea away from light, moisture, and heat (the latter can subtly change the flavours of tea). Store the tea in a dark and cool place, away from sunlight. We take a lot of care to keep your tea fresh, and we urge you to do the same to truly enjoy its flavours and benefits.