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Floral Infusions

It’s already the second month of the new year and a new decade, and soon the winter will thaw. But until then we wanted to bring you some really good infusions to keep you spirited and joyous through the cold. These are not just any blends but select floral ones that have sweet, subtle, and fragrant character. Enjoy these unique tea blends on the days of the month when you need that extra cheer. And we’ve also sent a magnetic photo frame that you can stick on your refrigerator. Happy Sipping!

Calming Chamomile Green Tea

1.05 oz

Hibiscus Lemongrass Tisane

1.05 oz

Lavender Earl Grey Tea

1.05 oz

Paan Rose Green

1.05 oz

Kesar Rose Chai

1.05 oz
Hues of Black

Here’s wishing you a great year ahead with loads of bright and bold flavors. We’ve put together a collection of some of the favorite hues of black teas that managed to warm hearts and put a smile on many a face across the globe. From a mellow, fruity cup to a robust, malty one, this one has the best of them. Indulge in these luscious flavors from Darjeeling and Assam to make the first days of the new decade just perfect. Enjoy them, mornings and evenings by the fireside through the cold month and make a note of which one you like the most. We’ve also sent an interesting way to remind yourself of your resolutions. Happy New Year!

Darjeeling Classic Spring Chinary Black Tea

1.05 oz

Lopchu Flowery Orange Pekoe Black Tea

1.05 oz

Jungpana Exotic Summer Muscatel Black Tea

1.05 oz

Coombergram Classic Summer Black Tea

1.05 oz

Jungpana Special Summer Chinary Black Tea

1.05 oz

You know a tea lover?

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Frequently asked questions?

  • Is there a fee to join?
  • What will I get in my box?
  • Can I cancel anytime?
  • How does Teabox Subscription plan work?
  • When will my box ship?

Your box of Tea Goodness!

You deserve the goodness a fresh cup of fine tea can bring to your life and Teabox is all about delivering that joy to you. With teas that come straight from the estates to your cup.  


Why get a Tea Subscription?

If you are the kind of person who starts the day with a cup of tea, or someone who craves tea with every break or snack you have, or someone who likes a very special cup once a while then a tea subscription is for you. A Teabox tea subscription is your gateway to a monthly supply of the best teas sent directly from the source. A delightful surprise to look forward to every month.


Gift a Teabox Subscription

Teabox subscription is great as a gift for your loved ones. Be it your family or friends, it never fails to delight them. Our tea subscription has been a popular gift choice for a long time now. With its ease of joining, all you have to do is to add their address and we’ll send them an exciting box every month. If you are abroad or living away from your family, you can now send them a box of joy. You can be assured that whoever you send it to will definitely love the idea and your thought. It is one of the best ways to show you care and think of them often. And what’s more! You can send it to anyone anywhere with our Free Worldwide Shipping and not worry about how it’ll reach them.


Why Choose Teabox?

Teabox offers a wide selection of teas that are brought to you on a monthly themed basis. These teas are expertly curated and carefully selected for the season of the year and the month of a season. With Teabox subscription, you’ll be able to discover a wide variety of tea types like black, green, oolong, white, chai, iced teas and blends. Our teas are procured from world famous tea estates of India from regions like Darjeeling, Assam, Kangra, and the Nilgiris. We also showcase some select teas from Nepal.


What can you expect from our monthly tea subscription?

5 Premium Teas: That’s right. A tea subscription with Teabox will offer you an opportunity to enjoy a variety of tea flavors throughout the month.

Monthly Themed boxes: Every month we’ll send out a themed box of premium loose leaf teas and popular blends. So you’ll be pleasantly surprised each month and this will all make your tea journey as exciting as it can get.

Box Inserts and Freebies: Every box will also contain instructions, descriptions, and thematic explanations for the choice of teas. The boxes will also include surprise freebies like beautiful postcards, bookmarks, plant seeds, etc. that we are sure you’ll love.  

No Joining Fee: You only pay for your plan and the payment option is hassle-free and self-renewing. So, sit back and enjoy your tea surprises every month.

Free worldwide express shipping: Not having to pay shipping charges for your box of tea goodness is a gift on its own.

Our tea subscription box is the best monthly solution for all you tea enthusiasts out there looking for a great tea subscription plan.


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