Black Teas
Black Teas

Black Teas



  • Darjeeling Seeyok Summer China Black

    A Darjeeling cup with notes of Mirabelle plum & nectarines

    3.5o | 100g | 40cups
    $ 33.99
  • Darjeeling Jungpana Summer Muscatel Black

    A tart-fruity cup with notes of dried drupes & hazelnut

    3.5o | 100g | 40cups
    $ 36.99
  • Darjeeling Jungpana Summer Chinary Black

    A bright-fruity cup with notes of nectarines & chestnut

    3.5o | 100g | 40cups
    $ 30.99
  • Darjeeling Margaret's Hope Summer Chinary Black

    A bright Darjeeling cup with luscious fruity-woody flavors

    3.5o | 100g | 40cups
    $ 12.99
  • Darjeeling Goomtee Summer Chinary Black

    A Darjeeling cup with marked notes of plum & woody accents.

    3.5o | 100g | 40cups
    $ 21.99
  • Darjeeling Goomtee Summer Muscatel Black

    A Darjeeling cup with delectable fruity flavors.

    3.5o | 100g | 40cups
    $ 28.99
  • Darjeeling Giddapahar Summer Muscatel Black

    A nutty, stone-fruity delight from Darjeeling!

    3.5o | 100g | 40cups
    $ 17.99
  • Darjeeling Giddapahar Summer Chinary Black

    A nutty-woody, stone-fruity classic from Darjeeling.

    3.5o | 100g | 40cups
    $ 15.99
  • Darjeeling Castleton Spring Chinary Black

    A fruity-nutty cup, fresh from Darjeeling

    3.5o | 100g | 50cups
    $ 17.99
  • Darjeeling Spring Chinary Black

    A Darjeeling cup with fruity-floral flavors.

    3.5o | 100g | 50cups
    $ 19.99
  • Darjeeling Thurbo Spring Chinary Black

    A fresh vegetal & fruity cup from Darjeeling.

    3.5o | 100g | 40cups
    $ 15.99
  • Darjeeling Margaret's Hope Spring Chinary Black

    A Darjeeling cup with luscious fruity flavors

    3.5o | 100g | 40cups
    $ 16.99

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Indian Black Tea

Black teas are the most oxidized(aged) of all tea types. They undergo every step of tea processing from plucking, withering, rolling, oxidation, and drying. For fresh black teas, oxidation is a significant step as this is where the flavor of the teas is built. Consequently, black teas possess stronger flavor profile than white, green or oolong teas. Loose leaf teas can be made in an orthodox way or by using mechanized techniques (CTC). Like all teas, there are many black tea benefits which make it a healthy alternative to high-caffeine beverages. 

Types of Black Teas

You can expect to find various types of black teas from all the major tea growing regions in India - including DarjeelingAssamKangra, the Nilgiris and Nepal and some parts of North East India (Dooars and Terai). They differ not only from each other, but also from season to season. Some of the more complex and best black teas are Darjeeling black teas which have a fragrant, floral flavor profile like the orange pekoe black tea. As the season progresses, astringency goes down and fruitier attributes become prominent in the black teas from this region. The regions also produce a good amount of organic black teas. The Assam black teas almost always have thick flavors, of malt, honey, wood and toasted nuts. They are also the most astringent black teas you’ll find. The Nilgiris produces black teas that are very fragrant, fresh, and fruitier than floral. Nepalese black teas are flat-flavoured, typically have a very brisk green taste. There are many prized black teas that have tea lovers of the world rave endlessly about. One such popular tea is the strong and refreshing English Breakfast black Tea makers also produce flavored black teas like the popular peach tea or peach ice tea. If you're looking to try one of these types for yourself, you can easily buy black tea online.

Selecting the Best Loose Leaf Black Tea

For those who prefer a light black tea, choose from the spring, autumn and winter Nilgiri teas. For those who prefer richer flavors, the summer flush Darjeelings and Assams won’t disappoint. They also accommodate add-ons better than any other kind of black tea.

Healthy Benefit of Organic Black Tea

Organic black tea is not just a tasteful cup of bliss you have first thing in the morning. It is loaded with health benefits that will make you feel good about sipping on an extra cup of black tea during the day. Apart from being rich in antioxidants that help block DNA damage from toxic chemicals, organic black teas have many other health benefits worth knowing. Here are a few health benefits you can enjoy from a cup or two of black tea on a regular basis:

1. Oral health

2. Improved heart health
3. Stress reliever
4. Lower risk of diabetes
5. Improves bone health
6. Improved immune system
7. Helps with digestion

And the most important benefit of all is the happiness factor it gives to those who love it. It’s true only a true tea lover will understand the happiness that is obtained from a cup of tea made from fresh black tea leaves.

How to Make Black Tea?

A strong cup of black tea in the morning has proved to be the most revered beverage of all times for some. So let's look at how black tea is made.

1. Add water to a pot and bring it to a boil
2. Once the water is boiling, add fresh loose leaf black tea and continue to stir it on a medium flame for about 2 minutes
3. Cover the pot and allow the water to infuse all the goodness from the tea leaves on low flame for another 2 minutes.
4. Strain the black tea immediately into a cup and enjoy your fresh black tea.

From the Indian Assam breakfast tea to the Russian Caravan and chocolate marmalade black tea, there are so many different varieties of black teas for you to choose from. Each black tea offering has its own unique flavor. 

Caffeine Content in Black Tea

Caffeine in black teas may vary quite a bit. The longer the tea bag or loose leaf black tea is steeped in water, the more caffeine will be present. On an average, a cup of black tea may contain 42 mg of caffeine.

Where to Buy Black Tea Online

If you're wondering where to buy black tea, you'll be surprised how easily available it is. You can simply buy black tea online. There are many different flavours of blacktea online for you to choose from, and each one offers something unique that you are sure to love.